14 Dreams About Being Chased – Meaning And Interpretation

Dreams are not always accompanied by pleasant feelings, where sometimes our worst fears take the form of nightmares, and we find ourselves running away from the shadows chasing us but unable to surpass them.

The adrenaline rushing inside combined with rapid heartbeats and unsteady steps are enough to generate anxiety in one’s mind while experiencing such dreams.

Nightmares are usually the result of anxious and apprehensive feelings that we experience daily. Dreams about being chased reflect your anxieties, fear of an enemy or the onset of a problem that is about to surface in your life.

The interpretations and meanings about being chased in dreams vary from culture to culture and religion to religion, but for most of the part, it usually has negative connotations attached to it.

What Does Being Chased Represents In A Dream?

Dreams about being chased are one of the common nightmares where one finds him or her running away from unknown forces hunting around.

Such dreams usually refer to the delayed confrontation of a particular issue or some problem or failing to acknowledge the existing issues in your life. To interpret the meaning, it is also important to realize who has been chasing you and in what context.

Symbolic Of Running Away From Your Fears

Such dreams where you found yourself running away from someone or from any presence, in general, reflects your anxieties related to the fears that surround you in real life.

You have a tendency to avoid acknowledging these fears, and instead of facing them head-on. As a result, these fears that have been suppressed for long take a physical form chasing you in your dreams.

Refusal To Acknowledge The Prevailing Problems In Your Life

Dreams about being chased are reflective of your inability to acknowledge the problems prevailing in your life. You are emotionally unstable and too scared to give thought to the hurdle that lies in your life.

You fear that confronting the problems will make you weak and vulnerable and as a result, you hide from them.

This hiding or refusal to entertain the thought of such issues appear in your dream where you are literally being chased by your concerns. You need to stop running and start confronting and solving your problems.

Symbolic Of Ignored Mental Health

Sometimes the figures chasing you in your dreams aren’t physical entities rather a spiritual presence that is scaring you in your dreams.

To see yourself being chased by an unknown presence in a dream mostly reflect the negative feelings including jealousy, anger, hate, envy accumulated inside your brain.

These dreams represent that you are ignoring a part of yourself and to consult a therapist to deal with the negative emotions gathered inside your mind. Self-love is significantly absent in your brain, and you are in dire need to start working on it.

Symbolic Of Problems In Professional Life

Dreaming about strangers chasing you in your dream signify that you have been facing difficulties and problems in your career or professional life.

This problem may include peer competition as well as extra work pressure from your boss. Acknowledging the issues is the key to solve them.

Once you realize that you have work problems instead of avoiding them, you will be able to resolve them quickly and efficiently. You are in need to get out of self-doubt and low self-esteem to tackle the problems bravely.

Symbolic Of The Need To Let Go Of Past Habits

Seeing yourself being chased in your dream often symbolizes past habits and routines that have been catching up to your life.

You are being chased by unwanted and unhealthy living patterns that might slow down your progress. These past habits may include holding on to past grudges and unnecessary feelings.

You are in need to mature your thinking and learn to let go of the undue burden to move on in your life without the baggage of the past weighing you down.

Symbolic Of The Desire To Pursue Something

Sometimes the roles are reversed, and you are not the one being chased instead of chasing after something. If you cannot see in your dream what you been chasing after, it mostly represents your desire to achieve something.

This desire may be a career goal, a dream Job, a relationship with someone that you want to build. This dream, then, carry positive connotations indicating that you are striving enough to reach your desired goal.

However, sometimes these dreams are seen in negative connotation where it shows that your efforts are not sufficient and you are lagging behind. You need to improve more, to catch up with others in the race of success.

Common Situation In Which You Dream Of Being Chased

Dreaming Of Being Chased And Shot

Dreaming of situations where you have seen yourself being chased while being shot is a negative omen suggesting that you are being pursued by your enemies in real life.

A particular person, holding resent against you is out to hunt you in real life. This dream is a warning signal that you need to look out for yourself and be careful of your surroundings to avoid getting into trouble.

Dreaming Of Getting Lost While Being Chased

Such dreams suggest that you have been encountering constant problems in your life and you are failing to handle them successfully.

Founding yourself lost in the dream with no sense of direction directly reflects your lost self, in real life, who is unable to figure out the solutions to the problems presented.

You are in need to ask for the assistance of the people you trust to help you out of problematic chains surrounding you.

Dreaming Of Getting Trapped While Being Chased

To dream of a situation where you are being chased, and at the same time you feel trapped suggests that you have been facing a situation in real life where you are suppressed by your peers.

Others try to dominate you. As a result, you feel suffocated, trapped and unable to get out of a situation. You are scared, and you want to escape from it.

These dreams are a reminder that instead of surrendering to others, you need to take charge and stand up for yourself to successfully deal with the current issues.

Dreaming Of Being Chased On The Streets

To dream of being chased while running on a street is not a positive omen, indicating that a financial problem is soon going to surface in your life.

Unexpected expenses are going to be made by you and avoiding overspending money might be inevitable as a result of which you can end up indebted.

The dream is a warning signal to save up some money that will come in handy and will help you avoiding bankruptcy in the coming future.

Dreaming Of Being Chased But Unable To Run Away

If you have found yourself being chased, but you were unable to escape the chase in your dreams, it suggests that you need to develop a more mature thinking and responsible attitude in your real life.

You have been given some responsibilities, and no matter how much you yearn to escape from them you have to stay and play the part assigned to you.

You are a grown adult and fulfilling your duties and responsibilities is an integral part of your life.

Dreaming Of Being Chased By The Demons

To see yourself being chased by demons in your dream represent some underlying unresolved psychological and emotional issues that you need to confront.

These may include unsatisfactory feelings towards a relationship especially in marriage, where consistent and frequent disputes arise between partners leading to developing unhealthy feelings for each other.

Dreaming Of Being Chased In A Slow Motion

If you have been chased by people in your dreams but see everything happening in slow motion, it suggests that you are in need to pay attention to your social relationships. You might be neglecting your friends or peers, being too caught in the work.

You need to figure out a balance to equalize your work with your social activities. In this way, you can be more contributing to your relationships with your friends and peers.

Dreaming Of Being Trapped To The Ground While Being Chased

Seeing yourself stuck to the ground while avoiding a chase reflect inadequate feelings or emotions related to a particular event. Depending on the gender, the interpretation may vary.

If you are a male, this dream suggests that you are feeling insecure and uncomfortable in the environment you are present in, leading to situations where your masculinity has been questioned.

For females, it suggests that they are being restricted in an unwanted environment. This dream is a reminder that you need to be more open and confronting towards your fears to tackle the factors causing these uncomfortable feelings.


To conclude, dreams about being chased carry negative connotations suggesting that you have been running away from external and internal factors that have been causing trouble in your life. You need to be more open and confronting to your fears to resolve the problems in your life.

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