15 Dreams About Demons: Meaning & Interpretation

Dreaming about demons : Demons are known as spirit beings that are evil and with the ability to possess living creatures and doing many unusual or supernatural activities. Their existence is widely believed by many religions and sects.

Many groups believe different things about demons from them being fallen angels to being created by a supreme being and so on.

Demons in dreams are a very common occurrence and are often very terrifying because the dream cannot be anything other than a nightmare.

Dreamers of such dreams will often experience great fear and will even scream silently in their dreams and sometimes wake up screaming.

In most cases, the dreams are deeply disturbing and leave the dreamer thinking about them even later into their day.

They make some dreamers unsettled even to the point of being afraid to go to sleep for fear of having the demon nightmares again.

However, not all demon dreams are a bad sign. There are dreams about demons that are good and actually happen because of the good things that have happened or will happen in your waking life. Recognize such dreams and know what they mean.

Why You Have Dreams About Demons

There are various reasons why someone would be dreaming about demons and they are interestingly as follows:

  1. Surrounded By Evil and Malevolent People

Having demon dreams could a sign that you are closely relating to people who are evil and capable of causing you harm.

The danger that surrounds you could be real and might be from the people you trust and are very close to. Perhaps you should start being wary and not putting yourself in a vulnerable situation.

  1. You Could Be Sinning

If you are very religious but are somehow doing something that goes against what your religion dictates, then the sin you are committing could be making you feel guilty.

This might be a warning for you to stop and follow the right path.  The demons dream occurs because according to your religion, you associate all things evil with demons.

Therefore, naturally, you will see them in your dreams as your subconscious’ way of warning you against those evil deeds you are doing.

  1. Enemies Lying In Wait

You could also be having this dream because you have enemies lying in wait to destroy you. These enemies could be people close to you such as your relative, business partner, close friends or even a neighbor.

These people are often, just jealous of you and your life and are simply waiting for the right moment to bring you down.

Just be careful of everyone in this case and take precautionary measures to protect yourself whenever you sense the existence of a trap or any monkey business.

  1. A Lack Of Remorse For Your Evil Actions

Dreaming about demons could also be a representation of some your lack of remorse.  There could be an evil streak within you.

You could be sadistic, or love plotting evil things against your enemies and friends too. You could be unfaithful, abusing power, making people’s lives miserable and are totally enjoying it instead of feeling remorse.

Generally, you could be doing things that are considered evil and appalling but are enjoying them and you see no wrong or feel not slightest remorse despite causing harm to many of your actions.

In your demon dreams, you could be feeling the very things that you are causing other to feel which could be terror, pain, sadness, disappointment, grief and so on.

  1. Your Repressed Evil Personality.

You could also have these dreams because you are repressing some negative emotions or habits.  Demons are obviously a symbol of darkness and evil.

They could also be a representation of things that you are repressing such as evil thoughts of money, sex or you could be repressing anger or aggression.

Such dreams could be a way of helping you to confront these aspects of your personality and deal with them instead of repressing them.

  1. Past Ugly Experiences.

In some cases, the demon dreams could also be as a result of a past traumatic experience that happened in your past. It could have been during your childhood or it could have been a more recent at your workplace perhaps.

The dreams about demons, in this case, could be as a result of the fear you are harboring because of those past experiences.

They could be making you feel afraid every time you remember or you could be feeling afraid that they might happen again.

The best thing is to seek therapy about these past experiences in order to deal with the trauma and fear that you might still be harboring.

Common Dreams About Demons

There are common dreams about demons scenarios and their interpretations and they are as follows:

Dream About Being Possessed By Demons

When you have this dream, it could be a symbol of the negative thoughts and energies within you that are either from within you or from some external sources.

You could be having some inner demons that you are fighting and they seem to be winning because they are preventing you from being successful in your waking life.

The inner demons could be in the form of the great negativity that possesses you and keeps you from venturing and trying hard enough to achieve your goals.

You could have the desire to seek help but are lacking the will to carry out this desire. In this case, yourself and your thoughts are your own worst enemies.

Dreaming About Being Pursued By Demons

This dream could be a symbol of the emotional and psychological problems that you could be struggling with.  They could be destructive habits such as self- doubt, a short temper, low self-esteem and applying negativity in everything.

These issues you are struggling with might be projecting themselves and the people around you might be noticing all that negativity you are spewing.

This could be affecting both your personal and business relationships and preventing you from working with others to achieve great things.

No one wants to be associated with any form of negativity and you might be aware of how that is affecting you but are still not making that step to change things.

This is why your subconscious is allowing these dreams as a way to help you confront your fears.

Dreaming About Chasing A Demon

If you are chasing a demon in your dream, this could be a sign that you are in that part of your life where you are getting rid of bad habits.

The bad habits could be addictions, immoral behavior, violence, overeating and so on.  The dream could be a good sign of you being on the right track of ridding yourself of these bad habits.

Dreaming About Being Surrounded By Demons and Held Immobile

This is a common nightmare about demons and it is very terrifying. If you aren’t able to move in your demon dream, then this could be a sign that you are experiencing some emotional disturbance and doubt that you could be having in your waking life.

You could be having two different solutions to some difficult issues in your life and are torn about which path to take. There could be a conflict between your irrational desires and thought and your rationing reasoning.

Dreaming About Demons Singing

When you dream about hearing demons sing, that could actually be a good sign and might be a prediction of some unexpected gains that might come your way.

You might suddenly find a new income source or win the lottery.  You, therefore, have no reason to be terrified when you experience that dream.

Dreaming About Demons Attacking you

When you have dreams about demons attacking you, this is an indication of your conflict with your own emotions.

You could be experiencing various negative emotions such as guilt, jealousy or selfishness. The dream could be a sign for you to reconsider any drastic and recent life decisions that you have made.

Ask yourself what the motivation behind those decisions was. Did you really have good intentions or was your motive purely ulterior?

If your intentions were anything but good give deep consideration about the decision you made because it might be affecting many people.

Dreaming About Having Sex With A Demon

When you have this dream, it could be a symbol of your betrayal to your partner. You could be cheating on them and your subconscious is indicating that it is wrong.

On the other hand, this could be a sign of your lack of satisfaction sexually from your partner. You could be feeling sexually deprived and in this case, the best thing is talking to your partner and discussing where the problem is and how to solve it.

A good talk can go a long way in solving the issue once and for all because there is no satisfaction in getting another partner.

Dreaming About A Group Of Demons Gathering Around You

When you dream of demons gathering around you, this could be a sign of a bad temptation that will come your way in the future. It could also be another indication of your obsession with improper urges and emotions.

These urges and emotions are a bad influence and the fact that they are constantly on your mind means they have reached unhealthy levels and are definitely not good for you.

Dreaming About Talking To Demons

When you dream about talking to demons this could be an indication of a situation that you are currently in.

You could be surrounded by people who are tempting you to do bad things and you are currently resisting their efforts successfully.

If there are such people in your life, the best thing is making an effort to spend less time in their company or even avoid their company altogether.

Dreaming About Killing A Demon

When you have this dream, this is a good sign because it shows that you have triumphed over evil temptations that have been bugging you.

It could be that you have resisted the sinful temptations in your waking life currently or that you will do so in the near future.

Dreaming About Light-colored Demons

Light colored demons in your dreams are usually a good symbol and foretell great luck in the near future. There could also be some fortunate and pleasant events that will happen in your life soon.

Dreaming About A Red Demon

This red demon in your dream is usually a bad indication. It could be revealing your fears, especially about your health.  Are you taking care of your health? If not then start adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Dreaming About Being A Demon

When you dream that you became a demon this is definitely not a good sign. It could be an indication of some great sin or sins that you have committed and are not remorseful about. This is not healthy at all.

Dreaming About A Dancing Demon

When you dream about a dancing demon, this could be an indication of your successful overcome of a certain sin that you committed. You are not committing this sin anymore and have no desire to in any way.

Dreaming About Being Overpowered By Demons

Having this dream is probably a bad sign. It could be that the negative aspects of your personality are winning or that you have done or will do something sinful in the near future.

Well, If this is the case, then it is not too late to do something about it. You can change your attitude apologize where necessary and clean up the damage as much as you can.


Dreaming about demons is quite an experience and hardly does a dreamer wake up smiling. The best thing is to remember as much as you can about your dream for accurate interpretation. Face any issues you are facing in your waking life, whether physical, emotional, spiritual or even financially.

When your waking life if free of any worries and unpleasant scenarios then your dreams will not be of demons, but they will be happy dreams.

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