#48 Dead Father Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Dream About Dead Father: When you dream of your father, this is an indication of your conscience and your ability to make positive decisions by choosing wrong and right.

Dreaming of your father could also be a reflection of your feelings about a certain decision that you have currently made or are considering making.

Reasons Why You Dream About Dead Father

There are various reasons why you might be experiencing a recurring dream about your dead father and they are as follows:

You Still Haven’t Gotten Over His Death

His death could have hurt you a lot and to this date, you still hurt when you think about it. You think about him a lot because you miss his counsel, presence, and protection in your life.

If this is the case consider going for therapy to help you overcome the death of his pain. Then begin doing things that you know would make him proud of you. After that, you can finally and truly bid him farewell.

You Are Finally Doing Something About A Problem

There could be a problem in your life which you have left unattended for a long time. You could have finally decided that enough is enough and are dealing with the problem now.

It could be finally standing up for yourself, facing your fears or have simply decided to be realistic and practical. This will apply especially if it is positive dreaming about your dead father.

You Are Forced To Make A Decision You Don’t Like

When the dream about your dead father is negative, then this could be reflecting the decisions that you don’t like making. This is so especially if the decision doesn’t benefit you and actually causes long-term problems.

It could be that you have allowed someone else to make decisions for you that are definitely not in your best interests.

Feeling Frustrated

If in the dream your father is sad or angry, then this could be an indication of your disappointment and frustration about how badly your situation has turned out courtesy of the choice you made.

Past Unresolved Issues With Your Father

If you had unresolved issues with your dead father when he was alive, then this could be affecting you. You might still be angry at him for something he did or said to you.

If that is the case, allow yourself to forgive him and move on with your life because there is nothing you can do about the situation because he is dead.

You Need To Be More Cautious

Having the dream could also mean that you need to proceed to the next step with caution. Be careful about the decisions you make involving business especially. The dream could be that your father has just died even though he actually died in waking life.

You Have Lost Your Ability to Make good decisions

This dream could also be an indication of your lost ability to make good choices and deal with situations. You could be cold and uncaring about your decisions and that doing the right thing no longer matters to you.

If that is the case, consider changing your attitude and start making positive choices even though you have made many decisions that have turned out badly.

Common Dream Scenarios

There are common dreams about dead father scenarios along with their interpretations and they are as follows:

1. Dream About Your Father Dying

If you dream that your father is dead in your dream, this could be an indication that you have at some point lost your morals and are uncaring about your life and all that offers you security and makes you powerful.

It could be that the failed decisions you made could be getting to you finally hence the “don’t care” attitude you have adopted for your life.

2. Dream About Fighting With Your Dead Father

When you have this dream, this could be an indication of your inner struggles in your waking life. You could be struggling a lot to stand up for yourself and are always torn when it comes to making decisions.

3. Dream About Having A Great Time With you dead father

When you dream that you are having great moments with your father, this could be an indication that things will be going well with you. You are finally making good decisions and the results are positively impacting your life.

It could also mean that you are longing for the great moments you had with your father before he died and the fact that you wish he was here to celebrate your success too.

4. Dream About Receiving Criticism From Dead Father

If you have this dream, this could be an indication that you have someone in your life with authority over you as a boss. You might be trying too hard to impress this boss and are very nervous about upsetting him.

If this is the case, then you are bound to upset him a lot since you are not relaxed enough to do your job right. If the situation is too much, consider beginning your search for a new job with better working conditions.

5. Dream About Dead Father Smiling At You.

When you experience this dream, it could be a sign that you are finally doing things right. You are more confident, you are brave and the decisions in your life are positively impacting it and those around you.

More people are appreciating your efforts in making things right and you are even more motivated to do more great things.

A dream about a father, in general, signifies security, power, and authority. When you dream of your dead father, it means that he must have been very important in your life.

In order to get a more accurate interpretation of the dream, remember more details about the dream. How did he look? What were the surroundings like? Was it day or night? Was he happy, angry, peaceful or just expressionless? What colors were present in your dream?


A dream about your dead father shouldn’t alarm you, but closely examine your waking life and analyze the situation you are in. Often times the dead father dream has nothing to do with him at all but something else in your life.

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