14 Dreams About Car Accident: Common Car Accident Dream Scenarios

Dreaming that you are in a car accident is a common dream especially for people who spend a lot of time on the road driving or traveling by car. The dream, in this case, can look so vivid and the fear you feel is never pleasant.

In real life, you want to avoid car accidents and crashes because they are not only stressful to the point of shock but they are also life-threatening.

Being afraid for your life when anything threatens it is a natural reaction and if you have ever experienced a car accident crashed then you really understand what being afraid to lose your life really is.

Dreams often lead us to both unknown and familiar territories, letting us experience something for the first time or experience it again.

Even if you have never been involved in a car accident, it is not difficult to imagine how the experience would be.  But why would you dream of a car accident?

Reasons Why You Have Dreams About Car Accident

A few reasons why you might have dreams about a car accident are as follows:

#1 A Warning About Future Travels

Since the car is a symbol of travel the dream could be a warning about a future travel plan you might have. If you are planning a big trip or currently preparing to go on one, you could consider such a dream as a warning.  It could be a warning about a likely accident that might happen during your trip

The dream doesn’t necessarily have to be linked to an actual car accident happening, it could be a warning about related problems such as a late bus, a flight delay, lack of taxis, full hotel bookings and so on.

Such a dream might not always be direct, examine all the aspects of your trip and try to figure out what the accident might be and then take measures to avoid it

#2 Stressed About The Trip

You might also experience these dreams about car accident because you are simply stressed and worried about your trip.

If this is the case, focusing on the great and positive things about your trip would help get you a little relaxed and less worried.

Think about the fun things you are going to do on that trip, all the amazing places you will be visiting and the great memories that you are going to have after that trip. Thinking a lot of the positive aspects of the trip will no doubt keep the worrisome dreams away.

#3 A Real Fear Of Being In A Car Accident

Car accident dreams might also stem from a real fear of getting involved in a car accident. You could be that extra careful driver to the point of panic at the first sign that an accident is going to occur.

This could develop into an obsession of being careful while driving or panicking when being driven. Such an obsession is, of course, stemming from the fear of being involved in an accident. Since you are thinking a lot about it when driving every day, the dreams will, therefore, become recurring.

#4 Someone close to you Was in A Car Accident

If someone close to you was recently in an accident, you could have this dream as a result of the mental turmoil you have gone through because your loved one has suffered a car accident.

In your dream, you would see images of you being in the accident.  In such a case consider seeking counseling to overcome the pain.

#5 Fear Of Making A Mistake

This dream could also be a result of you being afraid of making a mistake, either at work or at home or in your social life.

If you are always wanting to do things right by everybody that matters in your life, and don’t want to be the cause of someone getting hurt, then don’t be surprised if you have a dream of a car accident and in that dream, you are the one who has caused the accident.

The best thing you could do if this dream is recurring, consider relaxing a little and just be yourself.

Remember humans are meant to err and you will at some point, but don’t be obsessed with avoiding that day when you will make a mistake

#6 Conscience Is Bothering You About Something

If you did something in the past and you still feel guilty about it, it could be triggering this car accident dreams which involve you causing the car accidents. If it is something that you cannot change, it would be better if you let it go.

You could seek professional help in this case as well. On the other hand, if it is something that you can change, go ahead and make it right so you can sleep easy at night.

Common Car Accident  Dream Scenarios

There are common dreams about car accident scenarios and their meanings and they are as follows:

#1 Dream About Yourself Causing An Accident

This dream may indicate the feelings of guilt that you are experiencing because of something you said or did. You could have hurt somebody physically or made them feel bad. You could be feeling bad about being responsible for their hurt. This is why the feelings are not leaving you.

Naturally, you might not be an evil person, but you might have behaved in the wrong way and now your guilt is consuming you. To avoid this dream, consider apologizing or doing something to correct what you did wrong.

#2 Dream About Someone Causing A Car Accident

When you have this dream of someone else causing the car accident to happen, then most likely this could be an indication of your anger towards someone. You could be angry with someone who has caused you to feel hurt.

It could be someone who talked bad about you or took something or destroyed something you held dear. You might be thinking a lot about how this person hurt you and are holding a grudge.

On the other hand, the dream could also be an indication that someone might be planning to do something that will terribly hurt you.

In this case, it is advisable not to let the hurt fester for too long.  Let them go from your heart and allow yourself to heal.

#3 Dream About Preventing A Car Accident

This dream could be an indication that you will help someone in a great way in future.  You will likely be in a tight situation together with this someoneofand you are going to help them overcome some hurdle and help save them from something terrible.

It doesn’t have to be literally, it could be something as simple as giving advice about something or something major like saving someone’s life. This person who you might save could be a stranger or a loved one.

#4 Dream About Almost Drowning In A Car Accident

A dream about drowning in a car accident is definitely scary. No one wants to be trying to break their car windows to get out as it is sinking in water mass.

If you experience this dream, it could symbolize your anxiety because of the things happening in real life.

That desperation to get out and save your life, the loss of breath and the feeling of fear of dying in your dream could be a warning of your need to deal with the aspects of your life that are causing you stress and anxiety.

It could be that job that you don’t like or that relationship, or even interfering family members.

You can break out of that shell that is clearly not comfortable by seeking professional help. When such conditions aren’t  catered for, more serious conditions could develop.

#5 Dream About A Survival From A Car Accident

This dream could be an indication that you will successfully avoid a forthcoming confrontation with someone. It could be a family member, a co-worker or a friend turned enemy.

It shows that the talk you will have with this person will not escalate into an ugly confrontation and that you will be in a position to resolve your differences without harming one another.

#6 Dream About Being In The Immediate Vicinity Of The Accident

This dream could show that you might be in a situation where a solution is nowhere in sight. Think of a rock and a hard-place scenario where none of the solutions seem encouraging.

You might also be undergoing some kind of evaluation or vetting and the dream could be an indication of you not being successful in it.

That accident vicinity represents your fear of the outcome which could be failing or a hopeless situation.  In such a case consider doing something that will make you relax and feel great.

With your mind free of stress and anxiety, you might just come up with a solution and actually do well in that evaluation or in that decision-making situation

#7 Dream About Fleeing After A Car Crash

Such a dream indicates your fear of responsibility. You might be running away from things that you were responsible for in the first place.

The same way you escape from facing issues in real life is the same way you are escaping from that car accident in your dream.

Remember escaping from an accident rather than staying and helping out the victims especially if you have caused the accident is a sign of irresponsibility and immaturity.

In this case, purpose to work on your character and begin accepting and completing tasks. You can always ask for advice where you don’t know what to do.

At any point, never run away from responsibility.  You must have done that a lot for your subconscious to be communicating with you in the dream.

#8 Dream About A Car Accident Aftermath

An aftermath of a car accident could represent what the consequences of your actions might be. The dream could serve as a wakeup call to stop the dangerous things you are up to.

Your reputation could be at stake because of your actions or you might hurt your loved ones or worse cause irreversible damage to everything you hold dear.

Consider reviewing the things you are doing and think about what their consequences might be.  A change of behavior and habits might do you a lot of good. You could also seek advice from someone you trust to help you out.

#9 Dream About Someone You Know Surviving A Car Accident

This dream could be a result of you worrying about someone’s dangerous and self-destructive habits. This is likely to be someone close to you.

The person could be your now adult son, a close friend or a family member who is veering in the wrong direction in life.

You can only feel this way if this person is very important to you and this is why you dream of them surviving a car accident.

If you experience this dream about them, begin focusing on ways in which you can help this person and save them from that downward spiral.  Talk to them and ask them what they are feeling.

Sometimes a kind word, a little attention and doing something to change their current status will have a lot of impact. You don’t have to tell them that you had a dream about them unless they believe  in messages in a dream.

#10 Dream About Witnessing A Car Accident

This dream could symbolize that you might have noticed a mistake you made or noticed someone else making that mistake. This mistake could be major with far-reaching consequences but you haven’t done anything about it.

If this is the case correct the mistake before it is too late and if it is someone else who has done the mistake kindly point it out to them and offer advice on how they can make amends

#11 Dream Of A Car Accident As A Passenger

When you dream of a car accident, while you are in the passenger seat, this could be an indication of your emotional state. You could be harboring deep fears and anxieties that have gotten out of your control.

The riding on the passenger seat while someone else is driving and causes the accident could also symbolize how you are taking this passive role in your life and how such an attitude is causing you a lot of harm and anguish.

If you happen to be in the backseat in your dream, then it is an indication that someone else is in control of your life and they are not making the best decisions for you. Actually, they might not have your best interests at heart.

#12 Dream About Avoiding A Car Crash By a Whisker

In your dream maybe you almost crashed into that oncoming eighteen-wheeler but managed to swerve away at the last minute. This could be an indication that a great challenge lies ahead and that you will be able to overcome it.

The tricky situation might be at work, school, within your neighborhood, right at home or at your local bar. This dream should encourage you not to be worried about how you are going to handle a situation but remain confident in your ability to handle it in the right way.

#13 Dream About A Car Accident With A Train or Bus

This dream about a car accident involving buses or trains could indicate how your personal goals and views could be clashing with groups of people that have very strong ideas that are in contrast to your own.

In such a case, find out if you could convince them to accept your ideas if they are for the greater good. However, if their stand is too strong, think of ways in which you can achieve your goals without their negative opinions and actions affecting your progress.

#14 Dream About Car Accident With Angels Arriving To Help

The dream could be an indication that a major life-changing event is about to occur in your life or it has already occurred.

The presence of angels arriving to help in the car accident in your dream is an indication that you should seek divine direction, inspiration and guidance on how you should go about in life after this life-changing event happens.

You could seek counsel from your spiritual leader, or simply get on your knees and pray to the deity that you believe in for guidance.

Dreams about car accident shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Try as much as you can to remember the details of your dream so that interpretation might be easy.

If your dream comes with a warning, heed the warning. Change your reckless behavior if you have to, right the wrongs you have committed and start taking charge of your life.

Remember in real life accidents happen even when you are extra careful but they happen less frequently when you are more careful and in control compared to when you are reckless and out of control.

Therefore, you have the power to decide the kind of dreams you want to have. Don’t wait for that terrifying dream to come as your wakeup call, begin now to make positive changes in your life.

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