What Does Dreams About Dogs Attacking You Mean?

For years, dogs have been celebrated for their mystical and heroic qualities. It is not surprising that many people around the world prefer the company of dogs over people because they view dogs as more loyal and honest than human companions.

For such people, the dog represents loyalty, true friendship, and love. When such people dream of dogs their dog dreams will often fall on the positive side unless something negative is happening or going to happen in their lives. Read more: 56 Dreams About Dogs, What Does It Mean When You Dream About Dogs ?

However, having a bad dog dream isn’t limited to people who interact with dogs most of their waking life. Even people who have little or no contact with the canines can experience bad dog dreams.

One of the most commonly experienced dog dreams is where the dreamer experiences dog attacking them. In some cases, they wake up when the dog has pounced or is just about to pounce on them. In some scenarios, the dog actually lunges and then bites the person in the dream.

Common Interpretations

There are common interpretations of dreams of dogs attacking and some of them are as follows:

  1. Afraid Of Backlash

When you experience this dream of dogs attacking you, it could mean that you have done something wrong, that has affected or is bound to affect a lot of people and are therefore worried about the backlash you will receive as a consequence of your actions.

This will make more sense especially if the dogs attacking you in your dream are known to you. They could be the neighbors’ dogs or the ones you have in your home.

If whatever you have done is a bad thing, think of ways in which you can rectify the situation.

However, if whatever you have done is good but the community around you is against it, just brace yourself for the backlash and prepare to stand your ground and defend your actions by making people see your point of view.

  1. Betrayed Your Loved Ones

Betrayal usually sparks anger and if you have betrayed those close to you in some way, then expect then to react in anger and in some instances even literally attack you.

Dogs are usually faithful but when angered they are capable of biting even their master if he is their source of anger.

If in any way you acted selfishly and betrayed your friends or family, expect a negative reaction when they find out if they haven’t already.

  1. Looming Betrayal By Loved Ones

Sometimes this dream could be a sign of a looming betrayal within your circle of friends or family or any groups in your life that could either be political, business or religious.

The ones you trust might be planning to act against you. They could be plotting to vote you out, conspire with your enemies; evict you or harm you physically just to mention a few examples.

If this is the case, it would be better if you become more vigilant and watchful as you try to find out who is going to betray you.

  1. Personal Insecurities

Sometimes there might be no attack or betrayal from those around you. The dream of dogs attacking you could simply be your insecurities projecting themselves in your dreams.

You might feel that you are the only dispensable one in your group at your workplace, at school, within your religious group or among your business partners.

Such feelings of the world being against you, often give birth to paranoia and that can become evident in your dreams.

If this is the case, working on your self-esteem would be a start and then begin seeing yourself as the great person you are, then others will too and they will treat you better. You will no longer feel insecure.

  1. Too Many Life Hardships

You might also be facing too many life hardships, left, right and centre.  Your financial situation might be dire, your relationships nonexistent, your health deteriorating, your home not so homely and you have no social life.

In such a case the dogs attacking you in your dream might represent all the hurdles you are facing in your life.

If even your dreams are turning to nightmares about dogs attacking you, then the situation in your life is dire and you will need to seek help and start repairing one part of your life at a time.

Dreams About Dogs Attacking Scenarios

There are several scenarios to these dog dreams where the dogs are attacking and they are as follows:-

  1. A Pack Of Mad Dogs Attacking

In your dream, it might not be just dogs attacking but mad dogs attacking, a very horrifying scenario. Seeing any kind of mad dog in your dreams can be very disconcerting. The feeling of terror, fear, and horror will actually feel real.

The meaning of mad dogs in your dream could indicate that you might suffer a form of attack from unfamiliar persons. Read more: Dreams About Black Dogs and White Dogs

These unfamiliar people might attack your business, status or trade and the best thing to do is to be cautious towards every new person you meet and those familiar to you as well.  The “mad dogs” might be very near you and just waiting for the right moment to attack.

  1. Dogs That You Know

The dogs attacking you in your dream could be dogs that you know. Whatever the event causing this dream is, just know that it involves people who you are very close to. Either they will attack you because you have hurt them or it could be a sign that they are going to betray you.

  1. A Recurring Dream

Night after night, you might be experiencing this dream of dogs attacking. This shows the urgency of the message which is a sign that you should be more cautious and act on the situation before the unpleasantness occurs.

  1. You Attacked Back

If in your dream you protected yourself by shooting the dogs or hitting them to stop them from attacking you,  and they actually cowered and ran off;  then this could mean that you will successfully rise up against the attacks that are bound to happen whether from familiar or unfamiliar persons.

It means that you will survive but all the same be prepared and cautious so as not to be caught unaware.

A dream about dogs attacking is never pleasant and you should be very concerned when it occurs. It could be time to evaluate your life, right all wrongs that you might have done, stand up for the good things that you believe in and be less trusting to those around you.

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