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{Dream Of Fire} – A fire in a dream is something that should never be underestimated because it is a powerful sign. It could be a symbol of great passion, transformation, destruction, purification, and other strong forces or emotions.

It is a very disturbing dream, especially if in your dream the fire was consuming you or the things or people around you.  We often wonder why we have fire dreams; there could be various explanations about why it happens.

Why Dreams about fire

There are various possible reasons why you have the fire dream or why it keeps recurring and they are as follows:

  1. Inner transformation

The dream could be happening because you are changing on the inside. It could be that you are finally making the changes to accommodate new things in your life. You could be letting go of old habits that might be hindering great positive change in your life.

Your beliefs or thoughts could be changing for the better. With such a dream, there is no doubt that there is some sort of major change in your life.

  1. Purification and cleansing

Fire in a dream could be a sign of some sort of new beginning, spiritual enlightenment and very powerful changes in your life.

If fire consumed and destroyed something in your dream, then it could also be a sign that you are getting rid of any unclean or negative thing in your life. You probably feel great about the decisions that you have made in your life.

  1. Overwhelming issues in your life.

You could be having fire dreams because you might be facing issues that are overwhelming you. You might be experiencing an extreme passion for something or someone to the point of great obsession.

Consider putting a check on your feelings about the issues that you are facing because that extreme passion might cause you great problems.

  1. You are angry about something

A fire in your dream could also be a sign of your anger towards something. You might be bottling it up or just feeling it and expressing it too strongly. You could be facing a problem that is making you fear losing control over a situation or fear losing something.

  1. You could be jealous

The fire in your dream could also be because you are jealous. Your emotions of jealousy are growing stronger every day and should be cause for great concern.  The jealousy could cause you to do unthinkable things that might bring great destruction in your life.

Consider dealing with your jealousy by seeking counseling, or working hard and doing all positive things in order to achieve great things and stop being jealous of people.

The main cause of being jealous is because you wish you had what the other person has. Stay positive and believe that you can achieve greater things than the people you are jealous of.

  1. Fiery nature

Everything about you is intense and this is why you are having fire dreams. Your energy could be boundless, your creativity at its peak and your motivation at an all-time high.

You are also animated in your talks and do things with a lot of passion.  It is a good thing if you are channeling all this intensity towards achieving great things. Just be careful that you don’t experience some sort of burnout.

  1. Warning about danger

In some instances, the fire dream could also be a warning for you to take precaution and tread carefully. You might be making rash decisions that might have long-term effects. Proceed on major decisions with caution and avoid any dangerous activities or risking too much.

  1. A Past fire trauma

Could you have experienced a fire trauma in the past? Well, that could be the reason why you are having recurring fire dreams. The experience might have been bad to the point that you lost someone or something of great value.

  1. Unexpected news

A fire in your dream could also be an indication of unexpected news. It could be good or bad news. Just be prepared for unexpected news that will come to you soon. One thing is clear, whether good or bad news, it will change your life.

  1. Good fortune

Fire in your dreams could also be a symbol of good fortune in your life. Business may take a turn for the best or you might get a great inheritance or even better, win the lottery.

Whatever good fortunes that will come your way, be sure to take full advantage of them and be a positive influence in your society.

Common dreams about fire

There are common dreams about fire along with their interpretations and they are as follows:

Dream about being burned in a fire

When you have this dream about burning in a fire this could be a sign that your temper could be getting out of control and causing you to behave in a certain a way.

This temper could be burning you from the inside and causing the weird behavior which might have become a cause for concern among those close to you.

Dream about being on fire.

This dream could be an indication that you need to review the way you perceive life. You might be seeing danger at every turn and are overly cautious and therefore are always under pressure to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

The dream could be a sign for you to take things easy and relax enough to make good decisions and bravely pursue your dreams.

Dream about touching fire and not feeling pain.

When you experience such a dream, it is a good sign. It is a sign that you are going to experience great success in some new project that you are currently undertaking.

The project might seem daunting and impossible to many but you have all the necessary skills and resources to carry it out successfully.

Dream about preparing to start a fire

When you have such a dream, it could be a sign that you need to improve your communication with your loved ones which could be your friends and family member. It could also be that you need to establish better relationships with those that you love.

Dream about starting a fire

This dream could be an indication that you or someone close to you might receive unexpected news very soon. It might be either good news or bad news or very strange news. So be prepared for anything. The dream could also be a sign of being visited by a close friend whom you haven’t seen for quite a while.

A third interpretation of this dream could be a sign of the great stress that you currently experiencing regarding some issues that you are facing in your life.

Dream about putting out a fire

When you experience this dream where you are putting out a fire, this could be a positive sign and shows an upcoming victory over something great.

You will most definitely deal with any issues you are facing and achieve your goals even though they currently seem impossible.

Dream about pouring water on fire

If you happen to pour water on fire in your dream, the dream could be a sign of impossible difficulties that you could be facing in your life. This could be in a form of financial losses and all the other forms of financial problems in your life.

Dream about controlling fire

This is a very positive dream because it is a great indication that you are able to control your anger, temper and other strong emotions within you. This will enable you to make good decisions in your life.

Dream about being surrounded by fire with someone beside you.

This dream is very significant. When you dream that this person is standing next to you and that fire is spread all around the both of you, then this is a sign of a strong existing bond between the both of you. This person could be very close to you, they could be a relative, a friend or a lover.

Dream about your house on fire.

When you experience this dream, this could be a strong sign that you are not ready for change and are still strongly resisting it.

The dream could also be a sign that you are losing all that is familiar to you and new relationships might be created in your life soon.

Dream about watching a fire burn and not putting it out.

When you have this dream where you are watching a fire burning things and not doing anything to stop it, this is a sign that you might be making some unrealistic plans and desires for your future and you might find yourself failing.

These plans you are making might seem appealing now but they will cause you great pain and disappointment if you don’t get more realistic.

Dream about rebuilding a house after a fire

This dream is a good sign that indicates great recovery after a big crisis. It means that all will be well again and that things will return to normal or even get better. You might be down but not out and slowly by slowly you will rebuild your life to a better one.

Dream about setting things on fire.

If you are setting things on fire in your dream, it could be that you have this great desire to destroy some things in your life completely. The dream could also be an indication of you trying to create problems on purpose and make things difficult or eliminate or dissolve some situations.

This dream could also be a sign of your great passion and zeal to begin your life on a clean slate.

Dream about a city on fire

A dream about a city in flames razing buildings to the ground could be a sign of some important relationships destroyed by strong emotions or some situations that are clearly beyond you. The dream could also be a symbol of your ruined and nonexistent social life.

Dream about getting warm by the fire

When you dream about warming yourself by a fire, this is a very positive dream and a great sign that good fortunes will be upon you in the coming future. It could also be a sign of your good luck in life no matter what tough situations you happen to go through.

Dream about calling firefighters

When you experience this dream where you are fighting firefighters, the dream could be an indication of valuable information that you have that gives you a great advantage in business.

It could also be an indication that you will emerge triumphant among your business competitors. Take advantage of your valuable business information and keep your winning streak going for a long time.

Dream about running from a fire

This dream is most likely a warning for you to be careful whom you express your opinion to. You will have to be careful not to express your opinions to people who might be sensitive about the issue you are speaking about.

How you pass your message across might be insensitive and you could be hurting people and creating unpleasant situations. You might lose friends due to your insensitivity when it comes to expressing yourself.

Dream about many people surrounding a fire

When you see many people surrounding a fire in your dream, this could be a great sign of stability, harmony and strong relationships in your life.

Dream about a forest fire.

When you see a forest on fire in your dream, then this is a sign you should be wary of. It is an indication that a certain planned trip will not go as you expect. Maybe before you go, you might realize that it is a total waste of money.

Dream about salvaging things during a fire

When you have this dream where you are saving your belongings during a fire, this could be a sign that you are an easily offended person.

You are probably very sensitive and never forget all the bad things that happened to you and those who made them happen. This might not be good and people might be forced to walk on eggshells around you.

This might also cause strained relationships with other people. Try to be accommodating to others and refrain from thinking of yourself too much and instead consider others.

Dream about your business premises on fire

As much as this might horrify you it is a good sign. It shows that all your projects will come to completion and your business will be very successful.


Dreams about fires might be horrifying but they both have negative and positive aspects. Remember details of your fire dreams as much as possible for the best and most accurate interpretations.

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