#12 Dreams About House Fire : Meaning & Interpretation

Fire in a dream is usually a symbol of cleansing or rejuvenation and it could also be a symbol of war, aggression or great transformation.

In your dream, when you start a fire in your home for cooking or for keeping warm, that could be a good sign but when you dream of an out-of-control fire in your home or in another home, then that is definitely a negative sign.

A house or a home in most cases is a representation of family, so whatever you are dreaming could be closely related to your family, community or close family-like relationships. Why would you dream of a house fire?

Reasons for house fire dreams

There are various reasons why you would have this dream.

  1. Great changes coming

You could be having a house fire dream because there could be a great change concerning your family that is going to happen.

You could all be uncertain about those changes and aren’t sure whether they are the best thing for your family or the worst thing that could happen. The main thing here is that you have great uncertainty over these changes that are occurring.

  1. Tumultuous personal emotions

Having a dream about an uncontrollable house fire could also be an indication of the tumultuous state of your personal emotions.

You could be overwhelmed by strong feelings about something which are clearly causing you great discomfort and little mental peace.

Unless you intend to act on those feelings, simply find a way to keep them in check and remain calm if that will serve your purpose better.

  1. Community issues

House fires could also be a sign of great issues affecting your community. The community could be facing political unrest, economic issues or a great change courtesy of a government project which is clearly causing unrest among the people.

These community issues could be affecting you too. If you are in a position of power or have the ear of the influencers within your community, maybe it is time to have a talk with them and have something done about the issues causing unrest within the community.

  1. Fear of losing things that you value

You could also be worrying about losing someone or the important things in your life such as family, friends, your job or your investment.

If you are afraid or sad that this is going to happen, then take measures to ensure that it doesn’t. If it seems likely to happen then take measures to cushion your pain. You best know your situation so you know how best to do that.

  1. Need for changing your old ways

If you have a house fire dream especially where an old house is burning, then this could be an indication that the time has come when you need to change your old ways of thinking. It could be time for you to start doing things differently.

Common house fire dreams

There are common dreams about a house fire and their meanings. They are as follows.-

  1. Dream about a childhood home burning down

When you have this dream where the home you lived in is burning down then this could be a sign of your need for security. That similar security you had in your childhood when you didn’t have to worry about any responsibility.

  1. Dream about fire flames in a house

When you see flames in a burning house, this could be a sign of great transformation. It could be a  sign of positive transformation especially if the flames are orange. It could be a sign of happiness, contentment and great strength in life.

  1. Dream about putting out a house fire

This dream is an indication that your relationships need you to work on improving them or your health issues need to be taken care of.

Generally, anything that is wrong in your life should be corrected or taken care of. Consider doing a review of your life and note down the areas that need attention

  1. Dream about an empty house on fire

This dream is an indication that in the near future you will be independent. You will be more self-reliant and accept more responsibilities.

It could also be that you lack enough confidence especially if you are alone in that empty house which is on fire.

  1. Dream about escaping a house fire

Dreaming that you escaped a house fire means that change, freedom,  triumph over difficulties and great celebration will be part of your life soon. You will no doubt escape a difficult situation.

  1. Dream about a new house on fire

When you have this dream, it is a good sign that you are about to begin a new chapter in your life. Right now you are emotionally mature and you feel self-reliant.

This could be the time that you have to make your dreams come true or fully focus on achieving them.

  1. Dream about a row of houses on fire

When you have this dream of a row of houses on fire, this could be an indication that you need to clear your thoughts and rid yourself of old habits.

You could be looking for ways to improve yourself; this could be the moment where you need to take that brave step towards independence. Begin by accepting your responsibilities and becoming more self-reliant.


Dreams about house fires are common and very personal. They are an indication of very personal things that are currently happening or will happen soon in your personal life.

Examine your waking life when you have this dream and look for areas that need change. The main sign in such dreams is a great change.

You might be needing change, experiencing it currently or it could be happening soon in your life. A house on fire dream shouldn’t be ignored.

Remember as much detail about the dream as possible down to the colors and emotions that you experienced during the dream. All that is essential when it comes to accurate interpretation of the dream.

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