19 Dreams About Having A Baby – Meaning & Interpretation

Have you ever had that dream when you look down your belly and realized that you are pregnant? You will be shocked to know that dreams about having a baby is relatively common. It can happen to married or single women. Even women who are in their menopausal stage can have this dream. Around 70% of women will have dreams about pregnancy.

Why Do You Dream about Having a Baby?

For those who have been experiencing this dream for a couple of days or probably weeks, understand that this is your subconscious mind trying to tell you something. Here are some reasons behind this dream.

Development and Growth

This can be a sign that some aspect of your life is in the stage of growth and development. If you continue to nurture it, it is highly likely that you will reap the rewards of your efforts and persistence.

However, this may also indicate that you are scared to take on the new responsibility after achieving growth.


Some people who are going through certain changes will have this dream. Alternatively, it can also mean that you are challenging yourself to be ready for the changes that are about to come.

You are probably planning to switch your career path, move to a bigger city, or settling down with your partner.

New Projects

Individuals who dream that they are in the process of giving birth may need to handle a large-scale project soon. This can also suggest that a new person will come and will play a key role in your life.

Unwillingness to Take Responsibilities

Pregnancy can also be a symbol of your unwillingness to shoulder responsibilities.


In some instances, this dream can also relate to your fear and worries in life. You are perhaps trying to overcome some problems in your life and hoping that you will develop your inner senses in the process.

Getting Rid of the Old Habits

Giving birth can also mean that you are currently in the process of eliminating your old habit and behavior. This can also indicate that something in your life will come unexpectedly.

Letting Go

This can be your subconscious mind telling you that it is time for you to let go on the things that have been bothering you if you want to move forward.

Lack of Individuality

This can also be a representation of your poor individuality. You are perhaps anxious about the idea of being independent. You are perhaps heavily relying on the help and support of the people around you.


Sometimes, having this type of dream is a depiction of your childish behavior. This can also mean that your childish behavior can lead you to numerous pitfalls.

Meaning of Dreams About Having a Baby

In case you are currently pregnant in the walking life, you should not be surprised to encounter this type of dream. You are probably too excited since you are expecting a baby and that can be reflected in your dreams. However, there are also instances when it will carry a deeper meaning.

Dreams of Being Taken to the Hospital

On the off chance that you are on the way to the hospital in your dreams to give birth, this can be a sign that you are attempting to eliminate some of the responsibilities you have in your life.

However, for those who are pregnant who dreamed about this, this can simply be about your worries and anxieties related to your pregnancy and having a baby.

For those single women who dreamed about this, it can be an indication that you have to nurture yourself more. You are probably lacking in terms of health or love.

This can suggest that you must be more in control of your life and stop being too dependent on the people around you.

Dreams of Seeing the Baby

The baby is a symbol of purity and innocence. It can also be a mark of a new beginning. In case you noticed that the baby is crying, this may mean that you have already acknowledge some part of you that lacks nurturing and attention.

Dancing or walking baby can be a sign that there will be a great prospect in the future. You are also attached to the possibilities and opportunities that life is giving you.

Dreams of Feeding the Baby

Feeding the baby can mean that you are over-flowing with nurturance, love, and tender care. On some instances, this can be the total opposite.

This can be a warning that you must be careful in choosing the person whom you will confide in. Bottle-feeding can also be an indication of too much reliance. On the contrary, the starving baby can be a symbol of the deficiency in some aspects of your life.

Dreams of Newborn Baby

For those who dreamed about newborn babies, this will usually be a positive sign. This will be a hint of new concept or ideas.

If the baby in your dream appear happy or laughing, this can refer to the good news that is about to come. On the other hand, the crying baby can mean that your reputation will be ruined due to some gossips with no basis.

Dreams of Giant Baby

Regardless of how absurd the dreams can be, this can still carry a profound meaning. Such is the case with the giant baby. An enormous baby can mean that there is a significant change that will happen in your life soon.

You should not be scared on embracing this change since it can improve different aspects of your life. In some instances, this may even bring you satisfaction and relief.

This is most especially true for those who have experienced challenging times before the change has been introduced.

Dreams of Tiny Baby

In case you dreamed about a very small baby, this may mean that you are scared to show or express your real feelings to others.

Perhaps, you are currently in a challenging situation that you don’t want to show to others that you need support or assistance. You believe that you are fully capable of solving your own problem.

Dreams of Dead Baby

A dead baby in your dream can be a bad omen. This may warn you that you will soon experience some disappointments.

This may be related to the financial strain that you are undergoing. Your dream is telling you that you have invested your money in a wrong business venture. You are hoping that it would improve your financial stability. In the end, it will hurt your status big time.

Dreams of Premature Baby

Premature baby is a sign that you will encounter a new situation or problem in your life. This will happen sooner than you expected.

There is a good chance that you will be forced to do something earlier than what you originally predicted. This dream may also tell you that you are not yet ready to accomplish or do things that you planned to do.

You must have a solid foundation and a comprehensive plan before you embark on your new journey of life. This is your inner consciousness telling you that you will need to evaluate yourself.

Dreams of a Deformed Baby

Dreaming of a deformed baby will be a symbol of the new responsibilities that you need to handle. It may also tell you that things are not turning out the way you expect them to be.

Again, for those who are expecting, this is simply a reflection of their anxieties in their walking life. You are probably worried on giving birth or on the health of your baby.

If you dream about a baby without any legs or missing limbs, this can be an interpretation of your current state. You are probably going through a state of stagnation.

Perhaps you already started on something, but you can’t seem to push forward. A sick baby is also a symbol of the struggles and difficulties of life.

Dreams of Forgetting Your Baby

For those who dream about having a baby but completely forgetting about them, this may be a representation of your sadness or guilt. It is probably an indication of the important things in your life that you’ve lost.

You probably lost someone important in your life, a job, or a golden opportunity. Some people believe that it can mean your willingness to give up in order to gain more. It can also highlight your grief.

You are probably saddened by a past situation that has not been resolved. If you are trying to abandon a relationship and planning to start on something, it is also not uncommon to have this kind of dream.


Your dreams about having a baby can also be interpreted depending on the gender of your baby. For those who have a baby boy, this is a representation of your masculine side.

On the contrary, the baby girl represents your emotional and fragile side. Giving birth represents hope and a new beginning that will come to your life.

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