15 Dreams About Murders: Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams about murders are never pleasant because the images depict the loss of life for someone in the dream. Such dreams will leave you shuddering when you wake up and being grateful that they were just dreams.

Why you have dreams about murders

There are various reasons why you could be having dreams about murders and they are as follows

  1. Built-up rage or anger within you.

Dreams about murder could be recurring in your life because you have yet to find release for the built-up rage or anger towards a certain person(s) in your life.

Subconsciously you could be feeling like ending the relationship or association with this person but don’t know how to.

Since you are not expressing these feelings in your waking life, the emotions will, therefore, be amplified in your dreams by turning into these gruesome murder scenarios.

Inner rage building up is not good because eventually it will hit the fan and you might end up doing something unpleasant that will hurt many people. Seek professional help or advice from someone on how to deal with the issue.

  1. Hostile and Aggressive in your waking life.

It could be that you are a little aggressive in your waking life than you should be. This is the case if you especially dream that you are the one doing the killing in the murder dreams.

You could be dealing with issues affecting your life in an aggressive manner. It could be an open and strong confrontation with people who wrong you or you love getting into physical fights just to prove a point.

  1. Undergoing purification and healing process

You could also be experiencing these murder dreams because you are finally looking out for yourself and putting an end to things that have been a problem in your life. The ending of these things could be your way of purification and healing yourself emotionally.

  1. You Are Embracing New Things

Any form of “death” in dreams does not mean the actual death of a person or people. It could be a symbol of the end of the old and new beginnings.

Your dreams about murders could symbolize that too. You could be embracing a new way of life and a ditching your old ways.

  1. Feelings of failure

You could also be having this dreams because you feel that a certain aspect(s) of your life have been a complete failure.

You could be feeling that there are persons who are intentionally tried to hinder your success. Or you could just be feeling unable to carry out something despite all your efforts.

The things you want to achieve feel like a dream now because you have nothing left to support you or protect you.

If this is a case, then you could be needing a serious change of attitude and approach matters from a different perspective. Don’t throw in the towel yet because there could be other ways of dealing with the problem.

  1. Exposed to content about murders.

In some instances, the dream could simply be a result of watching too many episodes of Midsomer Murders or reading many of those investigative murder-themed books.

The fiction in this content could have filled your mind and your subconscious could simply be reflecting what has been on your mind lately.

  1. Intense Jealousy

You could be harboring feelings of intense jealousy towards your friends, workmates or family members. These feelings could, therefore, be manifested in your dreams where the scenario of them being murdered plays out.

Unless you love dreaming of your friends and family members murdered which is a major problem if true you need to work on eliminating the jealousy.

Think of all the great things these people who you are jealous of have done. There are definitely good things about them.

Become more appreciative of these good things that they have done and change your attitude towards them. With time, you will feel less jealous as you work towards accomplishing great things too in a healthy way.

Common Dreams About Murder

There are several common dreams about murders and their meanings. They are as follows.

  1. Dream of being a murderer

If in your dreams you are the killer, this could be an indication that you are putting an end to a former way of thinking or an old habit. It could be an end to various addictions that you have or various unhealthy practices that you have been carrying out.

This dream could also be an indication of repressed rage or aggression towards someone, people or even yourself that you are currently experiencing in your waking life. Seek help if there is no way to vent because keeping these negative feelings bottled up could lead to depression.

  1. Dream of witnessing murders

This dream could be an indication of your deep-seated anger towards certain people. It could also be an anger towards aspects of your life. You wish these aspects of your life could be gone and this is why your dreams feature an end to lives.

The dream could also be an indication of new aspects of life or new beginnings. Death in your dream isn’t always a bad thing.

It could be the end of bad times in your waking life and the beginning of a new life, new friends, new career and new and more interestingly better neighborhood. Embrace these new changes in your waking life and make the best of them.

  1. Dream of being murdered

When you dream that you have been killed, this could be an indication that there could be a disconnection between you and your emotions and conscience. There could also be drastic changes that you have made in your life and are trying to make.

There could also be an important relationship in your life that has been severed and you could be having mixed feelings about it. You could be feeling shocked and disappointed or betrayed hence the severed relationship.

  1. Dream of seeing a murderer

When you dream of seeing a murderer it could be that an important part of your emotions has been cut off. You could be having this feeling of losing your identity and individuality in your waking life.

Consider why this is happening to you. Are you adopting a lifestyle and attitude that doesn’t represent who you really are but shows a façade?

You could also be hanging out with the wrong crowd that is making you lose your identity and become more associated to the point of being referred to as part of that group and not an individual.

  1. Dream of the murder of a child

If you dream that a child has been murdered this could be an indication that the childhood aspect of your life has died and that you are maturing. You might have ditched the immature aspect of yourself and embraced a more mature nature and way of life.

  1. Dream of the murder of family members

When you have this dream, it could an indication of anger towards your family members’ actions especially if they are parental figures.

They could overprotective and preventing you to achieve something by not offering their support. You could also be having the desire to lead a quiet life that is family-free.

No holiday get-togethers, not family meetings and no consulting anyone on anything.  This could be what you desire but it might not be ideal for you.

  1. Dream of a serial murderer

When you a serial killer in your dream, this could be an indication that there could be people in your life that are plotting against you.

There could be people in your life who simply want to see your downfall and are planning how they are going to prevent you from achieving success.

Perhaps those failures that you are experiencing are not coincidences but a result of well-orchestrated plans by a people close to you.

In other words, the serial killer dreams could also be an indication that you could be sabotaging your own success without even being aware that you are doing so.

You could have the wrong attitude and are approaching situations with it which therefore results in failure every time.

That continuous failure could be because you aren’t looking at the other side of your coin. Be open to new ideas and allow yourself to grow out of your comfort zone.

  1. Dream of being a serial killer

When you have this dream, this could be an indication of your dark side which enjoys seeing people around you fail.

You could be secretly praying that the people around you fail in their efforts to do great things in their lives. This is proof that you could be unhappy with your life and wish others felt miserable as well.

The dream could also be an indication of your thirst for power. You deeply desire to be in a position of power and control all those around you.

You might be ambitious but it could be unhealthy for you because you don’t have the best intentions and your mind is filled with dark thoughts. Controlling others might not be the best thing.


Dreams about murders can be frightening and gory but this does not mean that they will actually happen as we have seen above. There are various interpretations of the dream.

The key is always remembering the details in your dream. Sleep with a paper and pen beside you so you can immediately write your dreams as soon as you wake up before you forget them.

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