35 Dreams About Sharks: Meaning & Interpretation – Dreams of Sharks

Dreams about sharks are very often but unfortunately, in most of the cases they mean something bad and that is related to our negative perception of sharks. For us they are powerful, dangerous animals living in the seas or oceans.

That is why the dreams about sharks can be very terrifying and unpleasant. Besides fear, this kind of dreams is related to anger or erceness.  This animal is a symbol of a greedy and unscrupulous person.

On the other hand, there are some exceptions when these dreams can also have a positive meaning.

They can be a prediction of a very turbulent emotional period, but also can mean prosperity depending on the situation in a dream.

That is why it is very important to remember as much details as possible. These details will be very important when it comes to dream interpretation in a right way.

According to Freud, sharks are related to sexual frustration. These animals are ideal predators so they have no organic opponents of their own.

As you can see, there are many different, opposite meanings and we have listed in this article a collection of dream analysis about sharks and also advices how to interpret these dreams in a right way.

Different meanings of dreams about sharks

Emotional state

Dreams about sharks are elated with our strong emotional state if you see the shark in a water. In that context, we should ask ourselves what feeling do we have after that kind of dream? Was the shark threatening? Maybe our emotions are unstable on daily basis?

The state of water is also very important. We should try to remember if the water was rough or calm? Shark dream can be a reflection of a power and male creativity in a positive, but also in negative way relating to aggressiveness and impulsiveness that needs to be controlled by ourselves.

In case you were scared in your dream, the shark will represent your enemies and you should interpret this kind of dream as a warning.

If you managed to escape alive from a shark in your dream that is a way you feel in real life and it indicates you have to try harder to get over an imminent danger in real life.

Shark attacking you

This kind of shark dream is related to your sensitivity to life. If you see a shark in your dream attacking you it is possible there is someone trying to attack you in a real life or you will have obstacles on an important path.

In case there is a see full of sharks in your dream that is a signal you are in a real life situation where you can’t trust to anyone.

Shark attack can also mean you feel confused or unsure of your life goals and that your confidence has been diminished.

As we mentioned above, shark is related to power, so this dream is a call to understand what your goals in life are in order to move on the progress.

The shark is also a symbol of survival so in case this animal attacks your leg in a dream that can mean a possible problem with a family relative.

If your hand is attacked that is indication you have to think more creatively in life. Maybe it is about wrong choice of profession?

Fighting with a shark in a dream can be related to someone you have conflict with in real life.  Shark attacking you in a dream can also mean shutting yourself off in life.

You should ask yourself: what have you been hiding from? It can also mean your environment is soon to change. If we think about the shark movies, the shark itself means a danger especially for those swimming in the sea.

The way the sharks are presented in movies is not how they act in real life.  The shark itself is very placid pretty placid sea creature. Sharks become aggressive when they are in large packs or hungry.

Seeing others being attacked by a shark in a dream means you are fully motivated for your job. If there is a child attacked it means you have to approach matters with an open mind.

Shark eating you

We believe this kind of shark dream is more than terrifying. It is related with your personal awareness. If the water is violent in your dream it can be a sign your emotions are unstable at the moment.

This dream can also mean the end of something in a work context. That can be even a simple transformation of work ethic or a new job. If that happened on the beach in your dream it means something “sudden” will be on your way.

That can be a new job that won’t work out very well. It can also represent an accident or incident that will cause stress.

If you’ve got a serious injury, but survived the attack it means some issue will affect you and you will have to make the choice shortly.

Being pursued by a shark

Shark pursuing you in a dream can be a sign you have put yourself in danger by disturbing some person a great deal.  On the other hand, it can also mean you feeling trauma from the past and trying to escape your own emotions.

If you are actively swimming away from this animal pursuing you it can mean you need to try harder to get over an imminent danger in a real life.

Contrary to the meanings above, in some cultures being pursued by a shark means good luck from difficult situations. The dream can be interpreted this way if you saw shark’s teeth in your dream.

Shark’s tooth is considered in some cultures as a lucky omen and people wear it in order to protect themselves from bad luck. This is especially the tradition among the surfers and sailors to be protected at sea.

Person turning into a shark

This is maybe one of the most bizarre of all the dreams. If someone turns into a shark in your dream it means that person is dishonest.

Serious enemy coming your way

Shark appearing in a dream can also symbolize a serious enemy coming your way but in case it doesn’t eat you it will mean you will be able to get rid of a very difficult situation like illness.

Stop hurting others

If you woke up from a shark dream thinking and worrying about it, it can be a warning to think about your attitude and actions and avoid hurting others in real life.

Successful social entourage

In case you are in a clear water and see a shark coming your way, it means you will be successful in your social entourage but you will have on your way some envious people who will have the intention to hurt you.

Dead shark

Dead shark in a dream can mean your guardian angel will help you defeat the evil enemy. That guardian angel can be some close friend of you, family member or some nice stranger.

This dream means you will be able to avoid the lurking danger without necessity to face it yourself. This can mean good profits and possible important reconciliations ahead of you.

Baby shark

Seeing a baby shark in your dream means someone having a bad reaction to some degree an immature approach to matters.

This is also related to your emotional state so maybe you will have desire to approach that person. It can also mean a problem in a near future.

Sharks circling around you

It is rarely known that sharks have poor eyesight and before the attack they circle. These animals generally circle 360° in order to assess the victim. If there are a lot of sharks circling around you it represents upcoming difficult situation.

Shark circling you is also related to your personal power and leadership skills and can be a warning about going into conflict with a person that has more information than you do.


Shark in a dream can also be a guide to help you made the right decision. It can be also related with releasing negative thoughts and problems.

Great White Shark

As you probably know, great white shark is the biggest in the sea and it is very often in dreams, according to some researches it is shown in 50% of dreams about sharks.

There are assumptions it is because of the television images where the shark is presented like a bloodthirsty creature.

What is interesting about this shark is that the dorsal parts of its body are not white and that symbolizes a negative, hidden meaning in a dream.

This shark can mean there will be troubled emotion in the future. It can also mean you will fear something. It can also be a sign you will fear something.

Another meaning of the great white shark in a dream is being nervous about the situation pending. In case you were nervous before you went to sleep it is possible you will have this dream.

Hammerhead shark

Hammerhead shark is pretty different from the other sharks in appearance. It can mean you will be afraid of the reaction of someone close to you.

Being a shark in a dream

In case you see yourself in a dream in a shark shape and attacking people it could be very concerning. This dream is connected with our relationships with the others.

It can mean you feel you are taking advantage of other people or they are taking advantage of you. It is also related to gambling, having luck and power.

This kind of dream can also have a clear message: being assertive in a relationship. It can also have a positive meaning if you catch and kill your prey.

Shark aquarium

If you visit a shark aquarium in a dream is related to your designs in a relationship. If the water is crystal clear that means you want support in life and relationship.

Shark in a river or swimming pool

If you see a shark in a river or swimming pool in your dream it can mean you need “calm emotions” at the moment because something will happen in the future that you need to be prepared for.

Catching a shark

To catch a shark in a dream is related to closing the doors on a difficult problem in life. In case you catch a shark into fishing net it can mean you will overcome any problem that will come your way.

In case the shark is angry it can reflect the reactions of others. Eating a shark in a dream is related with getting over a difficult time in life.


Shark in a dream can mean you feel in real life immediate treat close to you. In this kind of dream shark symbolizes a powerful enemy or obstacle that has you frozen in fear.

The solution to this is not run away from the threat since to confront the issue that is holding you back in order to advance and move past it.

The self

According to some dream analysts seeing an animal in a dream represents a part of your personality or self-identity. Underwater creatures like sharks can represent deep-set emotions hidden in your unconscious.

As the sharks are mostly related with the negative which is unjustified perception, that can bring unconscious emotions about them and affect the meaning of your dream.


Dream about shark can be a reflection of some part of you that you are not acknowledging like jealousy, depression, anger or resentment.

This situation can mean some unexpected incident at your workplace.

Observing a shark or shark teeth

In case you are just viewing a shark in the clear water in your dream like a pool, clear river or aquarium it can mean you feel sexual desire. You can desire someone but it can also mean someone else desires you.

Negative person

Shark can symbolize a person in your life who is draining you emotionally or someone greedy and unscrupulous. It can be a person who goes after what it wants regardless of the consequences its actions can have on the other.

Leisurely cruising or bathing near the beach or river?

If you’ve been in this situation in your dream and came up to shark it can mean unexpected accident or danger in your everyday life.

Shark on the land

Motionless shark on the land out of water means the difficult situation will no longer hurt you.

Being held between shark’s teeth

In case you are holding on and getting in possession of Shark tooth inside your dream that can mean you need to be more aggressive with your goals and endeavors.

Shark crossing your path

If there is a shark crossing your path it is a call to think how you act in life. It can mean you are extremely driven and everything you do is done with passion.

There isn’t anything you wouldn’t try and you are searching for new adventures. You are a person with ne fear and no one can stop you pursuing what you want out of life.

Being anxious about something

If you are nervous about something and want to avoid someone at all costs? You have a fear from someone who fills you with as much fear as a shark? You will probably see a shark in your dream.


Is there some situation worrying you or you need to heed the warning signs? If that’s the case, shark in your dream can symbolize your need to release yourself from danger.

Dangerous emotions

It is possible the shark will show up in your dream if someone talked about some sensitive subject yesterday and your dream will sent you the message “that is a forbidden subject” and you should keep away from mentioning that.

Fearing the worst

Shark in a dream can also be a reflection of fearing the worst. That can be some failure imminent and you can think of nothing but the failure.

Cold hearted

As we know, shark is famous as a cold hearted ruthless killer. If you have a need in real life to show how cold hearted you can be then dream about shark can be a reflection of your attempts to be ruthless.

Sensing a danger

Dream about shark can be a sign you will sense danger in some difficult situation tomorrow. Ruthless behavior

Think about if you expected to be ruthless in a way or maybe thinking about some extremely competitive situation? If that’s the case, it is possible the shark will visit you in your dream.

The harsh reality of life

Shark in your dream can be a reflection of some brutal reality in your life like failure in your business.


If you’ve been humiliated yesterday or you humiliated someone or someone was brutally honest with you? It is possible you will see a shark in your dream.

How to interpret the shark dream in a right way ?

If you are curious to find out what your shark dream could mean first you should do after you wake up is to put on paper all the details from your dream.

When you do it, you should ask yourself the following questions and give the honest answers to them:

-Did you have a situation the day before the dream where you felt a danger?

-Are there some incidents you are trying to avoid because they will upset people emotionally?

-Are you in relationship that is causing troubles right now and you can’t talk to your partner openly?

-Do you have some trouble in your life? What is it and what’s the source of your problem?


Shark dreams are scary for the most of the people. That feeling comes from the negative perception we have about shark as a coldhearted predator. Regardless of that, dreams about sharks can be both the positive and negative.

In order to understand a shark dream in a right way you should consider the environment and conditions in your dream. Was the shark in a water or land? A pool, a beach or a river? What was the water? Was it crystal or dirty?

Shark dreams can also be a reflection of your recent feelings or events. Do you feel nervous, afraid or someone or have some trouble in life?

It is very possible you will see a shark in your dream. If you’ve seen a shark on tv or saw it alive in aquarium it left for sure some strong impression on you and it is possible you will dream it.

In that case shark dream won’t have symbolic meaning. That is just a reaction to something currently happening in your life.

Some of the most common situations you will see in your dreams about sharks are: shark attacking you, circling around you, beating you, eating you, shark on the land, a baby shark, the great white shark, dead shark, shark in aquarium, person turning into a shark, shark in a river or pool.

Shark dreams are very complex and need to be analyzed carefully. That is why we recommend to write your dream after you wake up and ask yourself questions like: if there was some situation a day before where you felt danger or are there some troubles with your partner, did you have some incident recently?

If the shark dream happens don’t be afraid and don’t think negative. There are also positive meanings and you should always think in that direction. Even if there is a negative meaning look at that as a warning or help to change on time things in your life.

One of the meanings shark dream had is to stay cool and calmed if there is some negative situation over there. Remember that panic and fear block your mind and you won’t be able to think and make reasonable decisions.

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