15 Dreams About Storms , Meaning & Interpretation

{ Dreams about storms } – Storms are usually very violent and can be scary. When you are experiencing them while awake they can be quite disturbing unless you decide to sleep through it all.

If you have a strong shelter the storms are usually nothing to worry about and actually a great way to stay indoors, relax or spend time with family.

However, when storms appear in your dreams it is another matter. Often times the dreams are a bad sign showing sadness, conflict or depression but in some instances the dreams could be positive too.

The emotions you experience when having this dream will determine what they mean. You might be sad, happy, frightened and so on.

The intensity of the storm is also an important factor in determining what it means. It could have been a mild storm or a very intense one. What could be triggering storm dreams for you?

Reasons Why You Have Dreams About Storms

There are various reasons why you could be experiencing the dreams about storms and they are as follows.-

  1. Repressed anger

You might be angry about something for a long-time but aren’t showing it. Your anger is building up and the situation is not getting any better.

Unless you want to risk your anger boiling over one day and causing you to say and do regrettable things, consider finding the solution to the issue that is causing you so much anger. You can always seek professional help on this one.

  1. Conflicts and turmoil in your life

The dreams about storms might also be an indication of inner or outer conflicts and turmoil that you are currently experiencing or that you will experience in future.

  1. Rapid positive changes

The dreams could also be as a result of rapid changes in your life. These changes are sudden and could be related to financial or relationships.

The change could also be as a result of sudden insight about something and if the storm in your dream is accompanied by thunder then something very important to you will come to your attention.

  1. Turbulent situations

Storms in your dreams could also be because of turbulent situations that you are currently experiencing. It could be anger outbursts, severe pressure to perform, or an out-of-control situation under your watch. In short it could be the chaos in your life that is causing you a lot of anguish.

  1. Warning about an upcoming situation.

The dream about storms could also be a warning sign about something that might soon happen to you or someone close to you. Consider the warning especially if you have an idea what that situation might be.

  1. Your current mental state

The dreams about the storm could also be an indication of your mental state. You might be undergoing despair or depression and it might be affecting many aspects of your life.  Consider seeking professional help if this is the case.

Common Dreams About Storms

  1. Dream about an approaching storm

When you experience this dream, it could be a sign of your health being affected soon. If the storm reaches you and encircles you then that means you will experience severe health issues.

But if the storm in your dream dissipates before reaching you, then this is a sign that your illness will not prolong and you will recover quickly without any long-term effects.

  1. Dream about being caught in a storm

When you dream about being in the epicenter of a storm, this dream could be a symbol of great obstacles that you are going to be facing. The obstacles could be related to your job, business or personal life.

The dream could also be a sign of missing a great opportunity that has come to your life courtesy of an unfortunate incident.

  1. Dream about taking cover from a storm

This dream could be an indication of you experiencing some sort of unpleasant situation but it will pass quickly. It could be someone close to you experiencing a burst of anger which you are waiting to cool down.

Generally, it is a sign of you overcoming whatever great situation you will be facing in your life.

  1. Dream about seeing a storm

When you have this dream it could be a sign of losses, great struggles, unexpected or disastrous circumstances. This dream could also be a sign that you have repressed fears or emotions such as anger.

Another interpretation of this dream could be that you are experiencing spiritual development. Have you realized any changes in your spiritual life of late? Have you experienced new insights or enlightenment spiritually?

These changes might be affecting the way you think and act. If it is a positive change then embrace it but if the change is negative and affecting even those close to you, consider revisiting your spiritual direction.

  1. Dream about being trapped by a storm

This dream could be an indication of some minor problems that you are currently facing or will be facing in the future. However these problems being minor in nature will not be worrying for you.

  1. Dream about people dying

When you have this dream about people dying in a storm, this could be a sign that a person close to you could be seriously ill and the condition could be getting worse to the point of death.

  1. Dream about a storm destroying your home.

When you dream about a great storm completely destroying or damaging your home, which could be a sign of the many unfortunate incidences that you are encountering and the lack of support from those close to you.

The dream could also be an indication of your frustration, boredom or dissatisfaction. Consider looking for solutions to your challenges in unexpected places.

  1. Dream about looking at the aftermath of a storm

When you dream about looking at the damage the storm has done, this means you survived a storm. It is a good sign, an indication of a better life than the one you currently have.

This means that good things are going to happen to you and you are going to experience no obstacles on your path to success.


Dreams about storms are very expressive and don’t just happen. A close look of any turmoil, conflict or frustration you have recently experienced in your waking life should be done.

If there are indications of any “storms” coming up in your waking life in future, then consider doing what you can to avert them.

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