11 Dreams About Tornadoes : Meaning & Interpretation

Tornadoes are powerful windstorms that are localized and violently destructive and when they show up in your dreams this could mean that an aspect of your life is definitely in turmoil and destruction of some sort might follow.

Often times our dreams are never what they seem and in the case of a tornado dream, there will hardly be an actual tornado happening and in fact you might not even be living in a tornado area.

Why You Experience A Tornado Dream

Like with all dreams every angle must be examined to determine what your dream means. There are various reasons why you would have a tornado dream and some of them are as follows:-

You Are Experiencing Emotional Turmoil

Tornadoes are destructive and very violent. They could be a manifestation of the powerful emotions that are brewing within you or ones that you are currently experiencing.

You could be feeling a lot of anger, temper tantrums, confusion, passion that is veering on the dangerous path and a lot of chaos in your life which you feel helpless about.

The emotional disturbance might be due to unstable relationships or volatile situations that you happen to find yourself in.

You might want to avoid situations that cause the emotional turmoil that you are currently experiencing and seek professional help.

You Might Be Exhibiting Destructive Behavior

You could be going through a potentially destructive behavior in your waking life and it has led you to feel out of control.

You can’t control how you feel and end up causing destruction in everything that you do from the way you react to the situations that arise.

You might be feeling disappointment or certain complications in your life and are showing it to everyone that is connected to you.

This might be wrecking havoc in relationships that you value and might actually be affecting the way you relate to everyone around you.  People around you might be walking on eggshells just to avoid agitating you.

Sudden Change In Your Life

You might be experiencing rapid or sudden change in your life. It could be a sudden change of homes, jobs or you just discovered that you are now a parent and your priorities have suddenly shifted or someone that was very close to you might have passed on and so on.

The same way in real life where tornados sweep everything on their path and leave the survivors starting and rebuilding afresh, the same way your dream could be indicating a great turmoil or situation that will or is currently happening to you that requires you to begin a fresh start of your life.

Obstacles In Your Journey Of Success.

In your efforts to have a better life, you are putting in a lot of time and great effort to achieve your dreams. However, there are situations and people around you that are putting a damper on all your efforts.

Your frustrations on being prevented from succeeding by forces that are too great might be piling up and might actually be leading to your own self-destruction.

In such a situation, it would be better if you took it easy and not allow your frustrations to ruin your life.

Self-Destructive Habits

You could be experiencing tornado dreams because of your self-destructive habits such as substance abuse, reckless sexual relations or risking your life by doing dangerous things like walking on the edge of a high rooftop or strolling in risky neighborhoods.

Your subconscious could be warning you about your self-destructive habits and how like the tornado will sweep your life away if you don’t do something about it.

Seek help by talking to a trusted friend or a professional and find out why you want to ruin your life and how you can rectify the situation.

Fear Of Losing Protection

Sometimes your dreams of tornadoes might be derived from your fears of losing protection offered by various factors in your life.

It could be the protection that your job, relationships and family name offers you. You might be experiencing something that is threatening that security that such factors are offering you hence the tornado dreams.

In the dream you could watch all your property and people you love getting carried by a tornado which then begins coming in your direction.

If this is the case, consider having more options and not relaying on status, family name or the relationships you have built to get you going.

You could also try to be more optimistic and enjoy your current status in life rather than remain afraid of losing it.

Common Tornado Dream Scenarios

A tornado in your dream will have various meanings depending on how it plays out in your dream and the circumstances surrounding your life.

Most believing Christians will seek the biblical meanings of the tornado dreams that they experience while others will seek the Spiritual meaning of tornadoes in dreams by drawing the wisdom from their respective faiths and beliefs.

Some common tornado dream scenarios are as follows:

Dream Of Seeing A Tornado

When you dream about seeing a tornado, it could be an indication of a new challenge coming soon into your life. The meaning interpretations get different in different genders.

When a man dreams about seeing a tornado, this could be an indication of conflicts and problems at his workplace.

On the other hand if it is a woman who has dreamed of seeing a tornado, that could be indication of a looming argument with someone close to her which could lead to serious strains in their relationship.

Dream About Tornado Funnel Far Off

This is one of those details in your tornado dream that you need to look out for.  If the tornado funnel is far away from you that could be an indication that whatever turmoil that you might be experiencing will not cause any major damage to you and that you might actually experience a longer period of peacefulness.

Dream Of Being Within A Tornado

When you experience such a dream, this could be an indication that in your waking life, you could be fighting against your own strong emotions.

It could also be an indication of your lack of control over your life and the many challenges that you are currently experiencing.

Dream Of Escaping From A Tornado

This dream could be an indication of your efforts to avoid or escape any conflicts in your waking life. It could be showing how you are working hard to keep conflicts at bay and ensure harmony and peace prevails in all aspects of your life.

You could be avoiding all sources of conflict or are expressing the desire to escape a current conflict that you are experiencing.

The dream tornado approaching and you escaping it could be one of those scenarios that can happen in this dream.

However, be careful that you don’t sacrifice things that are dear to you in a bid to avoid conflict; sometimes that conflict could be the stepping stone that you require to make that serious progress in your life.

Dream About Surviving A Tornado

The dream interpretation tornado survival is definitely a good sign. This could be an indication of the great progress that you are making in your waking life.

It could also mean that the challenges that you are currently facing are only a phase that is happening before great and positive things begin happening in your life.

Like a true survivor of an awful situation, you will definitely be stronger, happier and more satisfied with the progress that your life will be making.

Dream About Property Getting Destroyed By A Tornado

When you see a tornado sweeping away everything in its path, like buildings, cars and trees, that could be an indication that there will be drastic consequences to a certain situation.

Just look around and see what recent situation that has caused quite a stir in your life and a strong reaction to persons close to you.

With such drastic consequences it would be advisable if you take the necessary measures to protect yourself or those you love from the repercussions of that situation. If you can make the situation right, then do so but if you can’t then go ahead and take protective measures.

Dream About Multiple Tornadoes

When you dream about multiple tornadoes, this could be a symbol of the people close to you with the tendency of changing their mood frequently.

The mood changes are  often of a violent nature and the dream could be a warning of how that is not right and that perhaps you should keep your distance. This dream could also be an indication of a volatile relationship that you are in.

If the other person isn’t willing to attend anger management classes or any other similar support group to seek help, then it would be wise to keep your distance from such persons.

Your Loved Ones In A Tornado

When experience this dream where close friends or family members are cause it a tornado, this could be an indication of you need to focus more on the events that could affect your family and friends in your waking life.

Take measures to protect them and you could ask for help where you need it so that you can fully protect your friends and family from any looming unpleasantness.

Dream About Tornadoes Chasing You.

Dreams about running from tornadoes that are chasing you could be an indication of the conflicts, fears  and emotional turmoil that are threatening to wreck havoc in your life. You might have realized this and are taking measures to protect yourself.

The dream could be a sign that the barriers you have put up might not be enough and that you might need to take stronger measures or simply face your great fears and the conflicts once and for all.

Dream About You Being The Tornado

When you dream that you are the tornado, this could be a symbol of your wayward ways that are causing destruction wherever you are going.

You could be hurting the ones you love with your actions such as temper tantrums, irresponsibility, loose talk and so on. Consider putting a check on your behavior and thinking carefully before you react.

Analyzing Your Tornado Dreams

Why am I having a tornado dream? What does it mean when you dream about tornadoes chasing you? Why am I afraid? This and more questions are what people who dream of tornadoes ask in their effort to seek answers  on the meaning of their dreams.  To avoid a little confusion you can begin analyzing your tornado dreams by asking yourself the following questions.

Are you currently going through any volatile situation, chaos or a violent relationship?

Have you lately expressed powerful emotions recently or been around someone who has?

Are experiencing a strong confusion in a certain aspect of your life?

You feel out of control or spend a lot of time with someone who is prone to mood swings.

Do you have powerful emotions welling up inside you that you feel you need to purge?

Have you lately experienced great and sudden change in your life?

Are you being self-destructive or are exhibiting self-destructive tendencies in a certain aspect of your life?

Do you feel disappointment or a facing a difficult situation?

If you answer yes to most of these questions, consider being more optimistic and objective in your waking life. Avoid stress or any situations that might trigger it and correct the situations that you have the power to do so.

Since the tornado dreams could also be a symbol of your fears and anxieties, deal with them or the situations causing these anxieties.  Consider all circumstances in your life in order to get the real meaning of your tornado dream.


Tornado dreams like all dreams could either be a warning or a reflection of something that is currently happening in your life.

Don’t let the dreams make you more afraid, but consider them as a healthy  sign and look for meanings and make the necessary changes so that you can be happier ,stable and more productive in your waking life.

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