12 Dreams About Waves – Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams about water are considered bizarre and if they are violent, they can be very unsettling.  The state of the water in your dream tells a lot about your waking life, the emotions you might experience currently or will experience in the future.

Dark or muddy water might indicate negativity such as illness, misery or some kind of emotional disturbance.  Calm and soft flowing water might indicate tranquility, success, unending potential and contentment in your life.

Waves in your dreams

Now when the water in your dream is in the form of waves then it bears a great message about your life which shouldn’t be ignored.

The state of the waves in your dream might be an indication of secrets, emotions, threats, new opportunities, incidents that might happen to you soon and so on.

Why You Dream About Waves

Why would you have waves in your dreams? There are various reasons why this could be happening and they are as follows.

An Explosion Of Emotions

You might be experiencing those huge wave dreams because you are currently experiencing a large explosion of emotions, strong feelings or important events in your life.

The best thing would be to remain focused on the important things in your life and strive towards accomplishing them. Losing focus because you are bombarded with emotions will not work in your favor.

Great Anger Or Rage

You could also experience a dream about waves and especially huge waves if you are harboring anger or rage within you.

The anger or rage could be directed at someone or it could be secret and only known to yourself. Consider dealing with it in the best way. You could confront the issues causing the anger or seek professional

Important Life-Changing Events About To Happen

You might experience important life-changing events in your life.  The life-changing events might be occurring as a result of small events that are currently taking place in your life.

Ensure that you are ready for these events and have made the necessary adjustments to accommodate them.

Problems In Controlling Your Emotions

You might be feeling a lack of control over your emotions.  You might be having emotional outbursts of anger, joy or overreactions over certain situations in your life.

Your important relationships could be in jeopardy because of your uncontrollable emotional outbursts.

Soon you might find that you don’t have friends or no one wants to be on your team at her workplace or even in your Social circles.

A Firm Control Over Emotions

The dream about waves could be happening in your life because somehow you have managed to find a way of controlling your emotions. This is the case especially if the waves are lapping gently in your dream.

Common Dreams About Waves

There are common dreams about waves and their interpretations. They are as follows.

Dream about a huge river wave

A huge river wave that rises above water in your dream could be an indication that a very important event is going to happen in your life.

The nature of the event is of course determined by the emotions you experience during your dream. If the water in your dream is clean and transparent, then the event will be positive and bring you a lot of joy.

If on the other hand, it is dirty, murky, muddy or has waste and debris, then the event you are about to experience is probably unpleasant, dangerous or destructive.

Dream about a huge wave in a pool

When you have this dream where a huge wave appears in a pool then this could be an indication of a happening in the future which will not be important to you.

The event will hardly leave a lasting impact in your life and it could either be pleasant or unpleasant.

Dream about the big ocean or sea waves

This dream whereby huge ocean or sea waves are crashing on the shore or rising high above the water surface then this could be an indication that you are probably experiencing heightened emotions.

The emotions could be because of excitement, fear or uncertainty. All of that will depend on how the water looked in your wave dream.

Dream About Drowning In Sea Waves

When you have this dream where the huge waves are overpowering you and you are almost drowning, then this could be an indicator that you are experiencing great difficulty in controlling your emotions, desires, and instinct.

You could also be addicted to things such as alcohol, drugs, sex, and these things are threatening to destroy your life.

The dream could also be an indicator of having no control over certain decisions in your life because someone is seriously manipulating you. Consider seeking help wherever appropriate to deal with the problem.

Dream About Riding A Big Wave

When you have this dream where you are having a great time riding a huge wave which then carries you to the shore, this is indeed a positive dream.

It gets even better when the waters are clear and shiny and the wave is carrying you to a beautiful beach.

This dream is an indication of the great success that you are currently experiencing or are going to experience. It is a great sign of success and prosperity that will come in your life.

Dream About Running Away From A Big Wave.

This dream where you are running away from a huge wave could be an indication of the many problems you are facing and thinking about.

You could be trying to deal with too many situations at the same time and this could be getting too much for you. Perhaps if you let other people take responsibility and relaxed a little, you would have a little peace.

Dream About A Tsunami Wave

When you have this dream where a tsunami wave was approaching you, then it could be a serious warning about a horrible and destructive happening that might happen to you or those that you love.

The dream could also be an indication of emotions getting out of control and you experiencing great anxiety.

It could be that you are going through a great crisis in your life and are neglecting your emotions. Begin by confronting the issues that you need to in order to achieve peace.


Dreams about waves are quite interesting and very personal since they often occur as a result of things happening to your emotions.

Remember as much as you can about your wave dream and do your best to deal with the problems you might be facing in your waking life.

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