#93 Seeing Water In Dream Is Good or Bad ?

Dreams about water have a great relation to purity, spirituality, life, abundance, motion and lots more. If you have the occurrence of water in your dream, this could have a wide range of meanings depending on the context which surrounds the event depicted in the dream. Water is a vital component of life and it depicts an unending cycle in life.

Water in dreams can have as many meaning as possible. It is important to note that when you dream about the water you will be able to have some insights into some things that have happened, is happening and what might happen in the future.

Why You Dream About Water

There are unending meanings that could be attached to dreams about water. The appearance of water in your dream can have a positive or negative meaning so you have to understand the dream in its context. Here, we will discuss more possible reasons why you could be seeing water in your dream.


If you dream about staying in water for a very long time, that can be a sign of healthy living. The calmness of water especially when alone can be food to the soul and this can help to put your mind at rest. The assurance of longing for the future and being steadfast at all times can be of high significance in your life.

Prosperity and Abundance

Water is an important part of life. Without water, it might be impossible for plants, people, and animals to survive in the world. When there is water, everything becomes easy, plants grow faster, animals feed better on green grasses and daily activities become more prosperous. With the understanding of the essence of water for survival, it may be of value for us to understand its usefulness and importance to humanity.

Its abundance of water to life can be designated by the fact that prosperity comes with it when it is made available. Seeing water in your dream can be a sign of abundant wealth and prosperity.

Energy and Motion

Water can be a great sign of power, energy, and strength. The ability of water to move from one place to the other through its wave and turns can be a sign of movement through your personal situations in life. Water is sometimes used as a way of depicting energy in the real-life sense.

However, water, when it appears in dreams, can also mean energy and it can also serve as a metaphor for emotions. Water symbolizes peace and it can be a sign to how peaceful a current situation in your life is.


Water can be a way to show your level of spirituality, understanding, and purity. Water in the spiritual sense is used for certain religious purposes and it is of significance when it comes to depicting blessings. Water can be used as a way to talk about the strength that is present in the spiritual realm and it basically serves as the most important elements of baptism.

Renewal and Transformation

Water is an essential component of life, it is usually associated with cleansing. The cleansing ability of water can be seen to have the capacity to bring a change to one’s life. If you have been experiencing something bad in your life, dreaming of water can be a revelation of a great change that is about to take place in your relationship and lifestyle.

Water is necessary for cleaning and bathing and these characteristics of water is a very good way for you to understand the abundant capacity of water (no matter the form it takes).

Emotion and Feelings

Dreaming about water can help to express emotion, feeling, and pain. The way you see the water made visible in your dream probably stagnant, clear, or dirty can depict so much about your emotion.

The way the water look (its clarity), its depth, and width over the surface of the earth can explain how important this dream can affect you. Water can make you feel at peace and when its presence is felt, the calmness is comparable to live.

Common Dreams about Water

Dreams about water as said vary from one another depending on the context and perspective from which the event is studied and interpreted. There are very popular dreams about water that we will be talking about here. If you have ever had a dream pertaining to water and you are yet to find a solution to the interpretation, do well to read downward.

Dream about deep water

This type of dreams usually serves as warning signs. This type of dream can be a way of passing messages so that you will be able to avoid certain events that may occur in the future. When you have this kind of dream you should always be curious, understanding and watchful about events that happen around you.

This can also mean that you are about to take a step in life that is very critical and delicate all the same so you have to think very well before you take that step.

Dreams about drinking water

This is a reassuring dream and it also depicts ultimate success. It indicates that you will be successful in the step you are about to take. This is a dream which shows positivity and the future of the person who had this type of dream is believed to be bright and unfailing.

When you have this type of dream, there is always a reassuring feeling that the bold step you take will pay off and that you should not be doubtful about what you have been doing and you are yet to do.

Dream about drinking salt water

This type of dream always means that something bad is about to happen and you have to be watchful in your dealings with people. When you have this type of dream, it is important that you avoid moving with people you do not trust, be more vigilant and never trust anybody.

Upon having this type of dream, it is important that you avoid trusting people too much until they show you their true color and intentions. This dream can be very delicate, however, do not lose people around you because of such a dream, be true to them so that they can show you their true intention.

Dream about getting sprayed with water

This is a crucial dream. This can mean that you have been shying away from the truth and you are no longer trustworthy. It can also mean that you have something in your mind that your friends are not aware of. However, the best way to go about breaking off from this type of dream from recurring is to spell it out, be open to those you are meant to be open to and get it all over with. You should learn to express your emotions through words so that your heart can become lighter.

Dream about walking on water

This type of dream usually symbolize perfection, everything going on smoothly in your life without having any worthless space for unnecessities can distract your goal. This can also mean that no one expects more from you than you can provide for them.

This can also be seen in the sense that you are in total control of your life and you might seem distant and cold, but that can be the most convenient way for you to live and express yourself.

Dream about restless water

This type of dream portrays the fact that you are allowing your emotion to take the best of you. You need to charge yourself and take the necessary hold of things that pertains to you and your overall well being as an individual.

You might be too soft and cool and people make use of the opportunity to get the best of you. It is advisable that you should be calm, however, be free at expressing yourself so that you will be able to gain more opportunities in life.

Dream about falling in muddy water

This can be a sign that your life is full of mistakes and you have to make the necessary corrections. This can mean that the decisions you have made are affecting your present and you have to face the consequences.

As bad as it may seem, it is important that you stand on your feet, take the challenges and you can set everything right and put them in the right shape. Do not feel so bad about your actions, however, work in the path of perfection to align your mistakes.

Dream about water in your house

This type of dream can mean that your life is impacted by the emotions from real life. It could be something noticeable about you that you have to get over so that it will not take the best of you.

This can also mean troubles that want to stay in your life, it is already creating a twist around your life and if you fail to take action you might end up losing it.

Dream about water flowing towards you

This can mean that you have a lot of emotions affecting you negatively that is bottled up within you. These emotions have to be let go of so that you can try to bring a change into your life personally.

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