#11 Dreams About Vomiting, Vomit Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams About Vomiting – Interpretation and Meaning : Vomiting, even in your waking life is always unpleasant. It leaves you weak and feeling very low and helpless.

When you dream about vomiting you will never wake up smiling and happily reminiscing your dream. When you dream about vomiting you are most likely full of negative thoughts and feelings that you would love to purge.

Reasons Why You Have Vomit Dreams

Naturally, when you vomit, it is the body’s way of reacting negatively to impurities or something that it doesn’t like. For that reason, there are various reasons why you could be having such a dream and they are as follows:-

  1. Your Are Rejecting Certain Feelings And Beliefs

In your waking life, you could be in a situation where expressing or changing your beliefs and opinions about something is difficult.

It could, for example, be that you grew up with your family in a certain religion that you now find distasteful but are wondering how you can slowly get away from it.

You could also be having a friend(s) whom you don’t agree when it comes to certain matters but you find it difficult to communicate because you are afraid of expressing your opinions and hurting them.

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If either of these scenarios and any other similar ones exist in your dream, then you would be better off facing your true beliefs and feelings and finding a way of politely expressing them.

You can always use a third party or find another way to calmly but strongly express these feelings and beliefs.

  1. A Medical Problem

Some interpretations of the vomiting dream might suggest that the dreamer could be having gynecological (if a woman)  or any other health problem which needs medical attention.

If you happen to have any medical problem that you know about in your waking life, it is best to seek medical attention as soon as you can before the condition gets to untreatable levels.

If you aren’t sure about this but suspect it, there is only one way to clear the air and that is by simply going for a thorough medical exam.

If you find that you have a medical condition that needs attention urgently, begin treatment immediately.

  1. Sick and tired of A Certain Situation

You could also be sick and tired of a certain situation in your life. It could a stressful job, an unhappy relationship, a bad home environment that you desperately need changed, bad friends, or a nagging parent or spouse.

Whatever the situation, the fact that you are having recurring dreams of yourself vomiting could be reason enough to indicate that you are really sick and tired of a certain situation.

  1. Could Get Sick In Future

When you have such a dream, this could also be an indication of you getting sick in the near or far future. Sickness is often a part of life, but it is always up to someone to live a healthy life in order to avoid falling sick.

Regular exercising, a healthy and balanced diet will go a long way in ensuring health. When you are healthy, you will less likely have vomiting dreams.

  1. Disgusted By Yourself

Such a dream might also be an indication of disgust towards yourself. You might be disgusted by certain behavior that you are practicing.

It could be a sexual perversion for example which you totally enjoy when you do it but feel disgusted after you are done practicing it.

This habit is most likely done in secret and it could be eating you up to the point that you feel self-loathing and disgusted by yourself.

Seeking professional help, in this case, is advisable and working towards overcoming the distasteful habit is also advisable.

Common Vomit Dream Scenarios

It is always important to remember as much as you can about your dreams. You could either be dreaming of yourself vomiting or someone else or people vomiting.

Further outlined below are common vomit dream scenarios, that you could have experienced.

  1. Dream About Yourself Vomiting

This dream could be an indication of something that you need to get rid of in your waking life. This thing could clearly be causing harm to you.

It could be a bad habit like excessive alcohol consumption, watching porn or even addictive gambling. It could also be bad company, a job that you don’t like and many other things.

Closely examine your life and look at the things you don’t like, the time to get rid of them could be now.

The problem could even be your past which you are still clinging to and need to let go. Your life would no doubt be better off if you avoided such negative influences.

  1. Dream Of Someone You Know Vomiting

This dream could be an indication that someone you know is making, will make, or has already made a mistake.  They might not be as perfect as you think they are or as the front, they put up.

Be wary and careful around the person you dream about because there is definitely a negative aspect about them that you don’t know.

  1. Dream About Someone Vomiting On You

When you dream about someone vomiting on you, this is definitely a dream worth taking note of.

If you know the person vomiting on you, then it could be an indication that this person might be your accuser of something or that there might be many fake friends around you who are waiting for the ideal opportunity to take advantage of you or backstab you.

Being careful around everyone and not being too trusting will help a lot.

  1. Dreaming Of A Group Of People Vomiting

This dream could be an indication that you could be having false friends around you and at any moment they might betray you.

You might be the cause of the negative feelings towards you by your friends or family. It would be best to protect yourself if you have no intention of compromising your views.

On the other hand, you could have a discussion with them and reach a common ground. However, if you don’t know why anyone would betray you, it would be best to just be careful of everyone and not wear your heart on your sleeve.

  1. Dream About Trying To Prevent

When you have this dream, this is usually an indication of your reluctance to express your strong opinions in front of others.

Your opinions are definitely in rejection of these people’s  and you are afraid to express them openly.  This could be because you are afraid of embarrassment or being opposed.

If that is the case you could try expressing those ideas, you never know, they might just be the ones everyone is waiting for.

  1. Dream About Vomiting Blood

When you have this dream, it could be an indication that you could be losing your passion and motivation about something.

This could be the reason why you have not been productive lately. It could be time to look for motivation and inspiration to help you embark on your journey of productivity.

  1. Dream Of Vomiting Jewels

This dream could be an indication of good things that might happen to you in the near future. There will definitely be a hugely pleasant surprise that will happen to you. So look to the future with optimism.

  1. Dream Of Vomiting Pits Of Fruits

This dream could be a symbol of the feelings of guilt that you are having because of something that you did in your past. You could have hurt yourself, people around you or someone you deeply care about.

Moving on and getting over the past will help. Seek help if you have to in order to let go of those guilty feelings.

  1. Dream About Cleaning Vomit

This dream is actually a good sign. It is an indication of your great effort in making your life better and that great rewards will be coming your way. Those goals you set might just be within reach but you would also require more effort to reach them.

Another interpretation of this dream could mean that you are this caring person always ready to help other people who are in trouble. This could be a good thing which will eventually work in your favor.

  1. Dream About Taking Medication For Vomiting

This dream could be an indication that you will experience success eventually after all the problems you go through.

You might require a lot of patience as you are facing your problems and difficulties.  Giving up shouldn’t be on your agenda because you could be so close to achieving.

  1. Dream About Endless Vomiting

This dream could be a symbol of your waking life’s struggles. You could be feeling powerless because of the many problems you are experiencing and because the situation is getting more difficult every day.

You could try to find a way to remedy the situation because there is always a solution to any problem.


The above are the common vomiting dream scenarios there are still more dreams about vomiting and interpretation will always depend on the dream and your current situation. Always remember details of the dream for a more accurate interpretation.

If in your real life you are vomiting or someone in your household is and then you happen to have this dream, then the dream could actually be a reflection of what is currently happening.

However, there is always something you can do about your dreams, all you need to do is think about it.

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