#4 Dreaming of Being Sick, Dream About Someone Being Sick

Dreaming About Being SickSickness, whether it is in a dream or happening in your waking life, is never pleasant. We all hate being sick because it limits us, makes us weak and in some cases might even lead to death.

Often times the dream about being sick could be an indication of setbacks, disappointments or problems that we might be facing in our lives. Often times it could be something that we have no control of that is holding us back.

Why would We have This Dream

There are various reasons why someone would be dreaming about being sick and they are as follows:-

  1. A Constant State Of Unhappiness

You could be having this dream because of an issue that has been bugging you for a long time. According to you, this issue could be impossible to solve and it is really making you feel unhappy and resigned in acceptance of the situation.

If this is the case in your waking life, just remember that every problem has a solution somewhere. No matter how difficult it may seem to implement the solution, don’t give up trying to correct the situation. If you kept trying eventually you might solve the issue once and for all.

  1. A Sense Of Hopelessness

You could also be dreaming about being sick because you have lost hope about a situation in your life. You could be whining a lot without taking any action to solve this problem affecting you.

You could also be making up excuses for why you are not taking action about the problem. The problem could, for example, be your excess weight.

You can correct the weight, but since you are attached to the sweet and greasy foods, you find yourself falling back on them even after you have made progress.

This could result in that feeling of hopelessness, that you can never shed that weight. The truth is that if you really put your mind to it, you can solve the problem and the feeling of hopelessness could be a thing of the past.

  1. Someone You Care About Has A Major Problem

This dream could be happening because someone close to you is experiencing a major problem that seems impossible to solve.

This problem could be affecting this person deeply that it is also causing you anxiety and you worry about them.

The person could be your spouse, boyfriend, best friend, close relative and so on. Try talking to this person and think of ways that you can solve this problem.

  1. A Possible Danger To You

Sometimes this dream could also be an indication of a possible danger close to you. It could be that someone or something is trying to hurt you.

It would, therefore, be in your best interests if you became vigilant and less trusting of those who seem too close to you.

It might not be a good period to do a major investment because the dream could also be a sign of great loss in your finances and it definitely hurts deeply when hard-earned money goes down the drain.

Common Dream Scenarios

There are common dream scenarios when it comes to this dream about being sick and they are as follows:-

  1. Dreaming About Having An Illness

If you have this dream about being sick, it could be an indication that you are deeply concerned about your life.

Things could not be going very well and you might not know how to solve the problems you are currently experiencing.

The problem(s) could be something minor but it could be taking up a lot of your time and efforts. Asking for advice would do you good in this case and you would not spend a lot of time worrying too much about this problem.

  1. Dreaming About Someone Having An Illness

When you have this dream this could be a sign of your deep concern for this person in real life. The person could be experiencing a difficult time it could be or could not be related to health.

You might have tried to help this person with their problem but it might not have worked. Have more talks with this person and come up with ways that you can really help them.

The first attempt might have involved the wrong approach to the problem. Maybe on your next attempt, the solution could actually work because you have taken more time to work on approaching the problem from different angles.

  1. Dream About Dying From Sickness

This dream sounds negative but in most cases, it is not. It could be an indication of your need to change something in your life and begin a new phase of your life.

You could be separating from a situation or some people in your life in order to achieve this positive change that will make you happy.

Focus on what is making you happy and positive and avoid people, things or a situation that isn’t making you happy. Begin enjoying your life but you should also take it seriously by making decisions that truly make you happy.

  1. Dream About Someone Dying From A Sickness

This could be an indication that you are afraid of someone you care about. This person could be in danger or could be facing a problem. You might not know how to help them, but you could always try.

Talk to them about your fears, they might reassure you or even offer you some good insight on how you would help them. Read more: #11 Vomit Dream Meaning & Interpretation

  1. Dream About Feeling Pain Because Of Sickness

This dream could be an indication of the great magnitude of unhappiness in your life.  The unhappiness could be as a result of the great burden that you are facing.

Talk to someone about the problems you are facing the confidante could be a professional or someone who truly loves you.

  1. Dream About Getting Well From A Sickness

This could be an indication that success is around the corner. Your long awaited dreams might finally be coming true.

New projects or investments that you begin have the likelihood of becoming successful. This is the time to take risks because chances are you will come out triumphant.

  1. Dream About Vomiting

This dream could be your expression of the desire to rid yourself of feelings that upset you. You could have had enough of a situation or you could be “sick and tired” of someone or something in your waking life.

You could also be feeling self-disgust because of something you did. Get to the heart of the situation and iron it out for you to be less upset and happy again. Read more: 11 Dreams About Vomiting: Meaning & Interpretation

Dreaming of being sick is a common dream and if you experience such a dream the above pointers should help you in your interpretation.

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