Why do i keep having dreams about my boyfriend cheating ?

(www.AloDreams.com) – Dreams About My Boyfriend CheatingThe dreams we have are oftentimes a reflection of our strengths, our joys, our current situations, our dreams, our fears and our future.  Cheating dreams are usually the most emotional because the anger and pain usually feel real. It is not uncommon for the woman to wake up feeling their heart pounding in their chest and a flurry of emotions running through their mind. For most it is their fears, for others, it is simply one of those unthinkable things.

4 Reasons Why You Dream Of Your Boyfriend Cheating

There are various reasons why you dream this dream and they are as follows:

  1. You Are Insecure In Your Relationship

You could be feeling naturally insecure and having low self-esteem because you think your looks, financial situation, background and other insecurities might be reasons enough for your boyfriend to look elsewhere. Your partner could also be making great progress in life and you might feel that you are lagging behind. Feelings of low self-esteem might come about and eventually you might start seeing your inadequacy as a weak link in your relationship.  You could begin by building your confidence and having a positive perspective on the changes happening in your lives.

  1. Afraid Of Losing What You Have

You might have a good family, a great career and a satisfying relationship but are in this constant fear that you might lose everything. This kind of fear might cause you to have this dream of your boyfriend cheating. Since the relationship is one of those things that mean so much to you, it could just be your subconscious way of communicating your fears. If this is the case you can begin by disregarding these fears and having positive outlook towards life. Begin enjoying the good things you have in your life and stop worrying about losing them.

  1. You Have Been Having Thoughts Of Your Boyfriend Cheating

If of late you have been having the thoughts of your boyfriend cheating then your dreams will feature the same ideas. You have entertained the thoughts of infidelity too much that now your dreams are made of nothing else.  If you are this kind of person, it could be time to evaluate your relationship. Do you have a good reason for thinking these thoughts? Remember that if you are distrustful of your partner your relationship might be headed for the rocks. Just find out why you are having these thoughts and address any underlying issues that could be causing them.

  1. Past Boyfriend(s) Have Cheated On You

Your past relationships might have been riddled with lies and cheating boyfriends and now you are distrustful even of this perfect guy in your life hence the cheating dreams. Your current boyfriend might not even be the type to cheat and hasn’t shown any signs of cheating but you still have these nagging thoughts of what if he does. The best thing is not to judge your boyfriend by the same standards of your past cheating boyfriends. Give him a chance to be the good guy and love you the way you deserve. Have a different  mindset with the current relationship and forget the bad apples of the past

5 Common Dreams About Your Boyfriend Cheating

There are various dream scenarios when it comes to dreams about your boyfriend cheating and their interpretations. They are as follows:

  1. Your Boyfriend Cheating In Your Own House

When you have this dream, it could be an indication that you could lose the respect of your boyfriend at some point. When he loses respect, he could do something that would deeply hurt you. So be careful and work towards making your relationship fulfilling and never provoking your boyfriend or putting him in a difficult situation.

  1. Your Boyfriend Cheating On You With Your Best Friend

This dream could be an indication of a looming betrayal from someone you trust a lot. It could be a family member or one of your closet friends whom you confide in. The betrayal might come as a surprise because you truly do not expect your friend to betray you. In this case don’t be too trusting towards your friends, keep an eye out for any signs of betrayal.

  1. Dream About Your Boyfriend Confessing Cheating

When you dream of your husband confessing cheating, this could be a sign that you might not be happy in the relationship and might need change. When you honestly look at the relationship and see no future, then seriously consider having a serious talk with your boyfriend and square things out. Let him know the things about your relationship that you are not happy with and hear him out too. After that, you can both come to conclusion about the relationship.

  1. Boyfriend Cheating During A Tough Period in Your Life

When you have such a dream, you are probably afraid of losing your boyfriend, especially in the times that you need him most. You could also be afraid that he will break up at your moment of need and you definitely don’t want that to happen.  In this case, it would be better if you believe in yourself more and stop being emotionally dependent or overly dependent on your boyfriend in any way. That will make it easier in case you reach that point where he breaks up with you.

  1. Dream About Your Boyfriend Cheating With Many others

When you have this dream it could be an indication of your resentment towards your boyfriend for not trying enough to make your relationship work. You could be feeling that he isn’t doing much to make your relationship work and that you are the one making the most effort. You could be with him simply out of obligation, it could be your families have forced it or society expects you to be boyfriend and girlfriend. If that is the case then it would be better if you broke up because the relationship could be taking its toll on you. Allow yourself to be happy with someone else who truly cares. The dream could be your subconscious way of letting you know the bad about that relationship.

In conclusion

Dreams are just dreams. Often times they happen for reason and are a reflection of our waking life, most times, however, they could just be our worries or fears communicated to us through the subconscious. Think carefully of your  dream and do a review of your waking life.  The end, you will better understand your dream meaning after doing an honest review of the facts.

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