#52 Bibilical Meaning of Birds in Dreams & Interpretation

A bird is an egg-laying vertebrate animal that is warm blooded, has feathers, a beak, wings and able to fly. Well, you might have had a dream about birds and yearned to find out its meaning. You are in the right place because we are going to provide you with the different possible meanings.

Does the Bible talk about birds?

The Bible mentions birds quite often. Birds may have a positive meaning or a negative meaning. The dove is the most mentioned bird in the Bible as it represents the presence of the Holy Spirit and Heavenly force. An example is in the New Testament is when Jesus is baptized and the Holy Spirit in form a dove is seen above him.

The Bible also talks about the eagle, a bird that represents courage and strength. An example of a Biblical story that mentions an eagle is the story of Saul and Jonathan who are compared to the eagle and lion.

The peacock is also mentioned and it represents wealth and prosperity. The peacock is a beautiful bird that was painted on the thrones of kings and emperors.

The Bible also mentions the Blackbird to represent temptations and sin.

The raven in the Bible represents war and destruction but on the other hand, it is a very intelligent bird and when the floods are over, Noah sends the raven to confirm the state of the earth.

The raven also fed Elijah when he was in the wilderness.

The geese in the Bible symbolizes the provision human beings receive from God.

There are many birds mentioned in the Bible but the ones above are the ones that stood out. They have been mentioned in several verses and their symbolism is strong.

Why do you dream about birds?

Dreaming about birds has different meanings as mentioned below:

  1. Spiritual freedom

This dream means that you are experiencing spiritual liberation. Might be that you have been experiencing darkness in your spiritual life and generally struggling with sin.

The past is gone and you now are at a point where you can overcome temptations and remain faithful to God.

  1. You are ambitious

Ambitions come with the set goals. Dreaming about birds may imply that you are working towards achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

This is actually one of the traits of successful people. Do not tire along the journey because your dreams are soon going to be realities.

  1. Good news

No one ever wishes for bad things. Everybody wants to receive good news and you are no exception. Dreaming about birds may mean that there is some good news coming soon.

Think of that one thing you have been eagerly waiting for, and if there is anything, then know that it will make you happy.

  1. You are going to experience peace

Peace is something that everyone desires. You might have been undergoing situations in life that made you know no peace but when you have this dream, then peace is coming your way.

If there have been curfews between you and friends or family then this dream means you are going to settle your indifferences and live in harmony.

  1. Prosperity

Just as the bird flies in the skies, this dream means you are going to soar to greater heights in all areas of your life.

It might be about getting a promotion at your work place or your business growing. In general, this dream means that your living condition is going to improve.

Common dreams about birds

Dreams about birds occur in different scenarios as discussed below:

  • Dream about feeding a bird

Feeding a bird in your dream means that you have hope in your future. You see a future in which your set goals have been accomplished.

Setting goals is one thing that brings fortune if only you work towards making them come to life. Be proud of yourself because this is something that is worth your efforts.

  • Dream about birds flying

This dream means that you are enjoying your freedom and you feel comfortable being whom you are. It means that you have realized your imperfections and learnt to accept them because no one is perfect.

Accepting yourself is something you should be proud of because it is not very easy. Once you have accepted yourself, you can enjoy life even more.

  • Dream about a caged bird

Dreaming about a caged bird means that you have a strong desire to release your potential. You desire to travel to new places, to meet new people and to try out new things.

Nothing should stop you from releasing this new energy because that is how you are supposed to live life. You might also be sitting on your talent.

Do you realize that you are not being fair to yourself by doing this? Once you know your talent, get out of your comfort zone and utilize it.

  • Dream about a flock of birds

You are experiencing joy and fulfilment if you have this kind of dream. This happiness has probably come from something great that you have achieved. This achievement is going to make a big difference in your life and you are going to have a bright future.

This is a period that you should let yourself experience the good things in life but you also have to be careful because such moments can destroy you too.

  • Dream about a bird without wings

This dream implies that you have stopped someone from succeeding. Jealousy has made you do everything you can to make this person fail.

Make it your mantra to always mind your business and avoid bringing other people down because you can never determine someone else’s destiny.

You are not the giver of life and so you will never have the privilege of determining what happens to the people you envy.

  • Dream about a dead bird

This dream is giving you a warning about the problems you are about to face. You are going to have a hard time trying to solve these problems because they came unexpectedly.

However tough it may be for you, do not give up because they will not last forever. Be patient with yourself while in this period and avoid blaming yourself.

  • Dream about a white dove

A white dove is a symbol of innocence and purity. Mostly it is about your spiritual purity. Dreaming about a white dove means that something positive is going to happen in your life.

You might be going to get employed soon, get married or even resolve conflicts you have had within in the past.

  • Dream about a blue bird

Seeing a blue bird in your dream means that you are full negative energy. You see no good in everything. The negative energy might be coming from the problems you have ever had.

Negative energy also comes from your unforgiving nature. Negativity does not add any good to your life and the best you could do is to let go off the past and forgive people.

  • Dream about black birds

Dreaming about black birds means that something is stressing you but you are not sure of it. You are tirelessly trying to find out what is stressing you but you seem not to find it.

To find out the stressor, you have to be conscious about what triggers negative emotions in you and this might help you find the answer.

Once you find the source of the unhappiness then you could try to eliminate it and focus on what brings out the best in you.

  • Dream about a big bird

Having this kind of dream symbolizes the big problems you are going to face. The problems can however be solved if you focus on them and do the required action.

Stand up for yourself and resolve the problems because when you choose to do nothing about them, they will keep lagging you behind.

  • Dream about a small bird

Dreaming about a small bird signifies the small problems you are going to face in your life. In order for the problems to be solved, you have to approach them fast to avoid making them look big.

Enormous problems begin when you ignore the small problems that later give you a hard time. Handle them with care and save yourself from the bigger problems. This dream also means that you are going to get small rewards for your work.


Dreaming about birds is a simple reminder about important aspects that you need to incorporate in your life.

These aspects include recognizing your freedom, having a broad view about situations in your life, being able to express yourself and protecting that which you consider sacred.

You also have to be keen about the colours of the birds you dream about, the type, the condition of the bird, the number of birds and the environment in which the birds were.

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