15 Dreams About Birds Landing On You , Meaning & Interpretation

If you have dreamt of birds landing on you recently, and you want to why? Make sure to stick around while this article answers all the how’s, Why’s and what’s of your dream.

Everyone dreams, some living their wildest fantasies and some running away from their fears that may occur in the form of hideous nightmares.

Our dreams vary from time to time, depending on the type of situations that we face in our everyday life. They may sometime appear as us, getting our dream post or sometimes we found ourselves drowning and struggling for breath at the bottom of a deep lake.

Every dream has a unique meaning and an interpretation of their own. If you have seen birds landing on you, you just might be in for some good luck.

Most of the interpretations that are associated with seeing birds flying around in the sky, or coming towards you, or landing on you mean approaching luck and wealth. It is a good omen suggesting that the dark times of your lives are soon going to end, and you might find yourself among the fortunate ones real soon.

They have associated with divinity for their belongingness to the sky thus the messengers of fortune from God. Their ominous sign might be a bearer of caution or indicator of some imminent danger or threat.

The meaning varies greatly depending upon the type of bird you see in your dream along with the situation in which it approached you.

What Does Bird Landing On You Represent In A Dream?

Symbol Of Fortune

In a dream, Birds landing on palms and inducing positive feeling inside your body is a lucky omen showing that you are going to be fortunate soon.

This fortune may come in the form of finance, getting a dream job or getting out of a problem that you were stuck in for a while.

Symbol Of Change

Seeing migratory birds, flying away in a flock most of the times represent that you yearn for a change in life. In most of the cases, the dreamer is dissatisfied with his/her real life and want things to evolve a bit slightly.

In some cases, it also indicates the missed opportunities that could have changed your life for the better. It may be associated with loneliness or homesickness if the person hasn’t visited his/her family for a long time or is an anti-social person in general.

Symbol Of Spiritual Freedom

Psychological interpretations have associated the flight of bird with spiritual freedom. If you have been dreaming of flying birds lately, this reflects your desire to break free from certain constraints that are surrounding you in your daily life.

A bird that has always been envied by man for its free flight and carefree attitude is also desired by you to feel the same freedom. It may be a reflector of free thoughts and idea that are roaming around inside your brain.

Symbol Of Inner Awakening

If you have dreamt of a small bird willing come towards you, on land on your shoulder or is flying close to you, it may indicate the spiritual awakening of Self, a happy phase that is coming in your life or arrival of new love.

The chirping, surrounding of small birds represent Joy, Harmony and positive energy enveloping your existence.

Symbol Of One’s Lack of Confidence

If you often see birds coming at you or attacking you, then you are a person suffering from inferiority complex. You fear other’s opinions and hesitate to break your comfort zone.

You seldom present your opinions or ideas in fear of humiliating yourself in front of a general audience. You need to be more confident and daring in your real life, to gain actual success.

Symbol Of Death

In some cases, the flight of the bird is associated with death for its connection with the spiritual part of the body.

If you have dreamt of a bird of an unknown species landing nearby you, it means that soon someone is going to depart from your life. It is a warning, an indicator of misery that you will experience soon.

Common Situation In Which You Dream Of A Bird Landing On You

Dreaming Of Birds Landing On Your Body

To dream of a bird land on your body is a divine signal of encouragement. It is a green signal, in general, indicating that you have chosen the correct path for yourself and you need to continue the efforts that you have been putting in a particular task that will soon be rewarded.

It suggests that you need to be more active and productive in the upcoming period of your life to harvest the maximum benefits from this fruitful period of your life.

Dreaming Of A Yellow Bird Landing On Your

Yellow, in dreams, generally represents stable financial affairs and unstable emotional affairs. However, seeing a yellow bird landing on you in a dream is an ominous sign.

It is a detonator of misery, misfortune, and trouble in every affair of your life, be it financial, personal or an emotional one.

Dreaming Of Birds Landing On You And Then Moving To Someone Else

In your dream, If a bird has landed on you and moved to someone else afterward, reflects the fact that, that person might be in some trouble. I

t is a reminder to be more involved in the life of the people whom you care about and be aware of the problems that they might be experiencing.

Alternatively, it may reflect that you are worried about the person in trouble, but you don’t have a solution to offer.

Dreaming Of Birds Landing On Your Head

If a bird lands on your head, you might be surrounded with some problems in your real life. You need to be more logical and cautious to use your head instead of dealing with the issues through emotions.

You are reminded not to repeat the same mistake twice. This dream is an indicator that only rational thinking can get you out of the situation that you are trapped in, with minimum damage.

Dreaming Of A Blackbird Landing On You

Black is the bearer of bad luck, failure and misfortunes for most of the time but seeing a blackbird approaching you might be a good omen.

It is an indicator of career growth, a chance to be reunited with old acquaintances and betterment of your relationship with your family. In the same way, if you see a raven approaching you in your dreams, things will turn out to be better in the future.

Dreaming Of Birds Landing On Your Arms

If you have dreamt of a bird landing on your arms or shoulders, it suggests that you need to get rid of your carefree attitude. You are in pressing need to act and make some hard decision in your life.

The problems won’t go away unless you face them head-on with curt attitude. It’s time to pull your shoulders high and your sleeves up and be ready to meet the challenges thrown at you.

Dreaming Of Birds Landing On You And Bothering You

One of the most frequent dreams to occur is seeing birds peck you on your head or some other parts of the body or bothering you.

If you dreamt of such a situation, it means that someone is Jealous of you or someone from your past is out to seek revenge from you.

You need to be cautious of the people you deal with in your daily life, for anyone could backstab you at any moment. It is a warning signal to be more careful in your actions and relationship with the people around you.

Dreaming Of Birds Landing On Your Feet

If a bird has landed on your feet in your dreams, it might be an ominous signal. It indicates some sort of danger might be approaching you or your family, so you need to be cautious.

You need to slow down and evaluate each step that you are taking in your life, that may drive you towards some unknown danger.

You need to avoid any business relations with people you don’t know well enough because there is a high possibility of receiving some sort of deceit in return. The dream is a blinking warning to be careful.

Dreaming Of Birds Landing On The Ground Surrounding You

If the bird lands near the ground you are standing, money is going to come to you. You will be more stable financially.

It suggests more opportunities and new doors will soon open for you, and all the struggles that you have made till now are going to bear more fruit than you expected.

The plans that you are making will pay off well, and you might get money from unexpected sources as well.

If the same situation occurs while you are standing in a field, the meaning changes 180 degrees indicating that you are going to fell a victim of someone’s gossip or social talk. Thus, you need to be careful of your surroundings.


To conclude, there are countless dreams, with countless interpretation, associated with birds approaching you depending on the situation in which you dream of such event.

Dreaming birds approaching you is a positive sign bearing good luck, but sometimes the meanings can be harmful as well suggesting some imminent threat. Thus, You need to be extra careful in interpretation of your dream and then act accordingly.

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