6 Dreams About Dead Dogs – What Does Dreams About Dead Dogs Mean

Dreams About Dead Dogs: Most of us treat our dogs like family members with whom we share this strong unspoken bond of love and loyalty.

However, when these very dogs that we hold dear pass away, we bury them and then pretend to move on with our lives after a very short period of sadness.

An Overburdened Subconscious

We might try to convince ourselves that the emotions of the loss of the dog are no more, but in truth, they are usually bottled up within us and often manifest themselves in our dreams.  That is why the dream of the dead dog will keep recurring.

It is obvious when your dog(s) died, the event really affected you and your subconscious, therefore, tries to clear off by dreaming about the dead dogs. Read more: 56 Dreams About Dogs

Often times you will see yourself having a great time with the dog(s) which is alive in your dreams and sometimes it might not be a happy dream and might involve your dog(s) just lying there dead and yourself suffering.

Such dreams always end up with you waking up with a great feeling of loss. This could mean that you haven’t yet gotten over your dead dog and your overburdened subconscious mind is trying to communicate this to you.

You could try to provide some relief to your strained subconscious by simply working towards accepting and getting over your dead dog.

You could begin by getting a new dog but if that isn’t possible simply work towards getting over your dead dog(s).

What If your Dog Didn’t Die

When you have dreams about dead dogs, it doesn’t have to be that your dog(s) died. You might not even own one but yet dead dogs show up in your dream. There are various interpretations of this and they are as follows:

  1. You Lost Dear things

When you have dreams about dead dogs this might be an indication of a loss of things that you hold dear. Dogs are usually a symbol of loyalty and friendship and often times might represent good things in your life.

You could have lost friends through death or the friendship simply ended. You could have lost your job or a family member, or your home and prized possessions. Such dreams are a clear indication that you haven’t gotten over your loss yet.

You could begin by seeking therapy and working towards overcoming your loss especially if the dream is recurring.

  1. You Are About To Lose Dear Things.

Dreams about dead dogs could also be warnings about your potential loss. You could be on the verge of losing your job, your lifelong friendships, your marriage, your house due to financial constraints or even a loved one with the terminal illness.

If there is something you can do to stop the loss of some of the dear things in your life then, by all means, do it. Read more: Dreams about black dogs and white dogs

The lifelong friendships and your marriage, for example, are things that you can work towards restoring and preventing them from collapsing.

However, you could also be losing them because the other parties are betraying you or are on the verge of doing so.

For the things that you can’t work on preventing them from going from your life, you could try to prepare for the loss so that when the time comes, the sense of loss will not be too much for you.

  1. A Neglected Old Skill

Dreams about dead dogs could also be a reflection of your neglecting of your old skills. You could have been a great instrument player in your youth but due to job commitments and the need for you to earn a living and survive, you have neglected your old artistic skills and let them die without exploring their potential.

Consider reviving them, paint again, sing again, write again, play again or go adventuring in the wild again. Whatever your old skills are, consider taking time and beginning the nurturing journey again.

  1. Neglected An Old Dear Friend

You might have had these strong friendships which then faded away because you moved to another town and never kept in touch.  The dreams about dead dogs could be an indication of your dead friendships.

Consider writing or calling your friends (if you still have their contacts) who you left in your hometown during your quest for that career in the big city. Unlike the old days, we now have social media which is very helpful in locating old friends.

  1. Unrealized Dreams

You might have had grand dreams since your childhood that involved making it big or becoming someone special.  As common, most people with unfulfilled dreams are in that state because life demanded that they leave their dreams and pursue other obligations.

Read more: 6 Dreams of Being Chased by Dogs

Your dreams could have been traveling around the world, building a home with secret tunnels and rooms, rising to the highest point of your current career, visiting a certain place or getting married and having kids in a large house with a white picket fence in a lovely neighborhood.

You might not think that your unfulfilled dreams are affecting you and might actually think that you are over them.

Your subconscious mind, however, knows better and this is why your sense of dissatisfaction due to unrealized dreams will manifest itself in your dreams.

The answer to this is that, if there is anything you can do to fulfill your dreams, then, by all means, go for it.

  1. Negativity Surrounding You

If you see dead dogs in your dream, that is definitely a sign of negativity. Any form of the dead in your dream is often times never a good thing.

You might be surrounded by a great opposition which might lead to loss of your job, career, home, inheritance, family, and anything that you love.

If you are doing bad things to provoke this negativity, consider reflecting and working towards provoking positivity. Start keeping better company than before and change your ways to avoid losing your family, friendships or career.


Dreams about dead dogs are a great concern and shouldn’t be ignored. When you experience such dreams, examine every angle of the dream and your life and then put more effort towards making the wrong things right.

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