14 Dreams About Miscarriage: Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams about miscarriage can be very unsettling, saddening when you are experiencing them and you will definitely wake up feeling very devastated.

Everyone doesn’t want to experience a dream of miscarriage because it can even have an impact on how you will feel for the rest of the day.

If you happen to be pregnant and experience this dream, worry not because this does not mean that you will experience a miscarriage.

This is because dreams with strong symbolism such as this one of a miscarriage often times have a completely opposite meaning from the one depicted in the dream.

Why You Experience A Miscarriage Dream

You could be experiencing a miscarriage dream because of various reasons.

  1. A lot Of Love For Your Unborn and Normal Worry

If you are pregnant and have this dream, it could be just your love for your baby and worry about delivery or losing the pregnancy.

This could actually be a reflection of your worries and has got nothing to do with the safety of your baby. So no need for sleepless nights and worries of losing the pregnancy.

  1. A Great Change A Foot

When you have a dream about a miscarriage, it could also be that a great change might occur in your life which will come as a result of the end of something. It could either be good or bad but rest assured that your life will change in some way.

  1. A Plan That Didn’t Go Well

You might have planned something with good intentions and it didn’t go well. The unpleasant result could be bugging you and you might be feeling disappointed.

The best thing is to move on and work on other plans with plan Bs and Cs in case something goes wrong. Read more: Dream of Wearing A Wedding Dress

  1. You Have Had A Miscarriage Before

You might also have experienced a miscarriage in your last pregnancy and now that you are pregnant again, you can’t help worrying.

You are afraid you might lose the current pregnancy as well. Because of the constant worry, you might dream of having had a miscarriage which will make you feel devastated and relieved when you wake up.

The best thing to do in this case is to seek your doctor’s assurance and seek therapy to address your fears.

  1. Family Issues

You could also be having this dream because of a current family situation. You might be dissatisfied or disturbed by an incident that happened within your family.

You might even be feeling a sense of disappointment in people that you trusted.  If this is the case just try to talk to the people who have aggrieved you or try and solve things amicably.

  1. Someone, You Know Miscarried or Is Pregnant

You could also have this dream because someone you know has miscarried or is pregnant. You might be worried about them and thoughts of miscarriage might be running in your mind a lot.

This could only be a way for your subconscious to bring forth what you have been thinking all day and doesn’t mean that the person will actually have a miscarriage.

14 Common Dreams About Miscarriage

There are various miscarriage dream scenarios and their interpretations and they are as follows:

  1. Just A General Dream About Miscarriage

When you have a dream about a miscarriage it could generally mean that great changes in your life are coming up.  The changes could be good or bad but whichever way your life will never be the same again.

The best thing is to be prepared for any major change in your life and make the best of any situation that comes up. If you don’t like changes, maybe its time that you became adventurous.

  1. Dream About A Miscarriage In A Car

When you have this dream, it could be a symbol of your desire to move forward. You future might seem so far away and every step you make might seem like steps backward and you could be feeling frustrated and disappointed.

If this is the case, just be patient and take small steps not major ones and try to do things differently this time.  Also, think carefully about every step you make ad the consequences before you actually take that step.

  1. Dream About A Miscarriage In Your Home

If you have this dream about a miscarriage in your home, then you could be going through a situation within your family.

A relative or several of them might be causing problems at home and you have no clue how to stop them and give them sound advice. The drama caused by the person(s) could be hurting the who, family.

If that is the case consider, calling a family meeting or talking to the most influential of your family members and have them discuss the issue in detail.

  1. Dream About A Miscarriage on The Street

If you happen to dream about having a miscarriage on the street, then you could be worried about a certain future project that you are working on. You could be worried that it might fail and that others will see your supposed failure as well.

You don’t want to be the topic of conversations in your family or in your social circles because of your project failing. You are worried about being the center of attention for the wrong reasons.

  1. Dream About Someone Else’s Miscarriage.

When you dream about someone you know having a miscarriage it could be a sign that you are extra worried about this person.

The person might seem like they have lost their way in life or they might be going through difficult times.  The person could be your friend or someone close to you that you would love to protect from the pain they are going through.

You can talk to them and see how you can help and if this person is depending on you and has no one, then it would only be proper for you to help them out as much as you can.

  1. Dream About A Miscarriage If You Are Pregnant.

If you are pregnant and have this dream, then it could be a great sign of your motherly love and affection towards your baby.

You could just be worried about the birth and doing the normal worrying just like any pregnant mom does. Don’t let this dream cause you anxiety because it doesn’t mean that you will lose the baby.

Another meaning could also be that this dream could be a sign of the failed career plans that you have had for a long time.

Even though your career is important to you, your pregnancy is more important and it is up to you to care for it. Let your welfare and that of your baby takes first priority and steer clear of any stressful circumstances.

  1. A Man Dreaming About A Miscarriage

Dreaming that your wife or girlfriend had a miscarriage is just a sign that you have great love and concern for her.

She doesn’t have to be pregnant for you to have this dream. If she is you could just be worrying about her and the baby.

If she is not pregnant then she could be someone very special to you and you could be seeing her as the potential mother of your children in the future.

Another interpretation of this dream could be that you have been neglecting your wife or girlfriend and haven’t been paying her enough attention despite all the love and attention she has shown you. It could be time that you went far and beyond in reciprocating that love.

  1. Dream About Having A Miscarriage In The Hospital

This dream could be the warning sign of how you should take better care of your health and well-being and stop stressing over things that aren’t important.

You could be feeling anxious and depressed because of maybe the hard work you could be putting up because you have to.

You definitely have to slow down, take a vacation or relax a little. No one is going to take care of you unless you do it yourself.

  1. Dream About Having A Miscarriage and No One Being There To Help

When you have this dream where you are helpless and alone and having a miscarriage, then it could be a symbol of your loneliness.

It could be that some of your previous words and actions towards people have led to this situation. Now you might not have anyone in your life to give you a helping hand or some sound advice because you turned everyone against you.

Another interpretation of this dream could be that you are experiencing betrayal or are afraid of it. You could be afraid that your loved ones have betrayed you especially if you have sacrificed a lot for them.

The best thing, in this case, is not to worry about things that have not happened yet. Instead of focusing on the bad things, start trusting the people around you more and avoid acting like they are going to betray you. Acting like that is the surest way of driving even those that genuinely care for you away.

  1. Dream About Experiencing A Painless Miscarriage

This dream could be a sign of romantic problems ahead of you. You and your partner might disagree on something. It might not be easy when it comes to achieving common ground with him. Before you make permanent decisions consider revisiting the issue on your own and privately.

You could decide to take a small break from each other so that you can both reflect on where your relationship is heading.

If the disagreement centers around something too important for you then it could be time to quit the relationship. However, if you feel that it is possible to reach a common ground then work towards that.

  1. A Dream About Several Miscarriages

This is an unusual dream that often times represents your fear of failure. You might have had trouble succeeding before and have lost faith in trying again.

You might have been resigned and feel that nothing is going to change and that you won’t make progress. The best thing you can do here is remain positive and keep working towards success. Don’t blame yourself and don’t think of yourself any less.

  1. Dream Of An Early Miscarriage

You might have dreamed that you are experiencing a miscarriage during the first trimester of your pregnancy. This could be a sign that you have a new idea in your life.

You might not know what the idea is now but in future, you will know. And like all new ideas, you will love this one.

  1. Dream That Your Sister Is Having A Miscarriage

When you have this dream, it could be a sign that your sister will go through a major change in future. It could be bad or good but this does not mean that you tell her unless she believes in dream meanings.

If not just pray that the major change in her life is positive. Also, the dream could also mean that you are simply worried about your sister and the paths she has chosen. A friendly talk with her might do.

  1. Dream About Violence Resulting in A Miscarriage

When you have this dream where you were beaten up and experienced a miscarriage, then this could be an indication that an idea that you have might not go according to plan.

It could be that you are thinking about moving, houses, jobs, or starting a new business. The violence in your dream means that that aspect of your life you are focusing on might not work. You might consider other ideas that are likely to work and do more research on them.


You might have felt unhappy, sadness, helpless, worried, devastated and so on in your dream about miscarriage. Often times the dream doesn’t even mean anything negative.

However, like always, remember as much as you can about the dream for a more detailed interpretation. The above are just the basic interpretations of miscarriage dreams.

As horrific as it sounds a miscarriage dream in most cases could actually be a good thing after interpreting it based on your waking life.

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