13 Dreams About White Snakes – Meaning & Interpretation

Dreaming about snakes might be very scary because snakes are dangerous creatures. However, dreaming about white snakes does not have to be connected to something bad. Dreaming about white snakes in general is an indication of a clean heart, purity and a new beginning.

Meaning of dreams about white snakes

Every dream has a meaning. Below are the reasons as to why you may be having dreams about white snakes.

Healing and restoration

Think of your past. Has it been tough on you? If yes, then this dream means that you are in the process of healing and restoring all that seemed to be lost.

You may have lost a lot through the investments you made, you may have had tough relationships or many of your close friends and family members may have passed away.

This obviously makes one undergo tough times emotionally. It takes time to get over such pressing issues. Believe in your journey of healing and restoration.

You are having a tough time dealing with your emotions

Dreams about white snakes may mean that you do not know how to handle your emotions. Dealing with emotions positively may seem hard but it is the greatest favour you can do to yourself.

The first step of dealing with an emotion is giving a response, not a reaction. Take your time to understand how you feel, acknowledge that you are having a tough time and accept to deal with it.

A new beginning

Things may have been indifferent on your side. Maybe you lost a job, a relationship ended, you failed your final examination or a long-term friendship came to an end.

Dreaming about a white snake during this period means that you are going to have a new beginning. A new beginning to mean that you might get a new job, get into a new relationship or revive all that you had lost.

Remember to hold your cool during these moments because tough situations do not last but strong people do.

Fear of loss

Dreaming about white snakes indicates your fear loss. You maybe fear losing your job, your friendships, your investments and even relationship. Fear is an enemy of progress.

It is better for you to live in the moment than to fear for what might happen if something goes wrong in either way. Besides, life is all about winning and losing. There is no one who has never gone through a period of loss.

So just live your life keeping in mind that whatever happens, happens. Also, learn to manage and control your fears for a more peaceful life.


This dream also means that you are going to make fortunes. It might be something you do not know about and you have probably been praying over it. Be grateful because your prayers are finally being answered.

It might have to do with your job, maybe you are going to progress to top management. Fortune might also be in terms of your business growing and bringing in more profit.

Common dreams about white snakes

Dreams about white snakes occur in different forms as discussed below

Dream about white snake biting you

In as much as a snake bite is poisonous and therefore dangerous, a dream about white snake biting you does not mean any bad. It has a positive meaning.

This dream means that you are going to progress in life. You are going to be fortunate in all that you commit yourself to.

You are going to be wealthy, your business is going to grow and generally, your life is going to become more lively and exciting. Do not take this for granted because not everybody gets to have it.

Dream about a harmless white snake

This dream also represents fortune. It foretells good luck in your life. Fortune may be in terms of making more money, increasing your wealth or it might also be about your health.

If you have been sick for a long time, it means that you are going to get healed. It might also foretell pregnancy that is coming.

This may apply in cases where one has been childless for a number of years. Be happy because you will soon have your own child.

Bearing a child is everyone’s dream in marriage and when one seems to be struggling to get one, it becomes emotionally unbearable. You are having this dream because you will soon give birth.

Dream about encountering a white snake with black spots

Dreaming about encountering a white snake that has black spots means that you need some help and guidance in handling some situations.

You are in a position where you feel helpless and you require help from others. You may be going through emotional burdens brought in by various issues in your life. Do not have any fear in reaching out for help.

Do not let your emotional luggage make you miserable. Be honest with how you feel and genuinely seek the guidance and assistance of others.

Dream about white snake that has been cut in half

This dream about a white snake that has been cut into two means that there is a need for you to make changes in your social life.

You need to know how to adapt to new social environments. You might be an introvert but sometimes for you to be productive, you need to get out and relate with others well.

It also means that you need to put into consideration the feelings and needs of others. You are maybe that one person who does not show care for others.

Keep in mind that you may one day need someone to help you. Treat others the way you would like them to treat you.

Dream about a white baby snake

Dreaming about a white baby snake means that you need to make a reflection of how you are living your life. The baby aspect here means that you have drawn away from what you were taught in your childhood.

You should sit back and examine yourself well. If you seem to be living an extravagant life, make the needed changes. Also check on the morals that were instilled in you. If you have drawn away from them, make the required amends.

Dream about a white snake frightening you

This dream might be very scary to you because when a snake frightens you, it is most likely to bite you. However, do not be scared because it is just a dream.

It means that in real life, you are trying to overcome a difficult situation or you are trying to deal with a difficult person.

Try to deal with the problem on your own because you have the power to do so. But if in any case you find it difficult on your own, do not hesitate to seek a helping hand.

You are probably going to make it on your own but make sure that it does not drain all of your energy.

About the troublesome person, make a step, approach him or her and speak up about what they are doing that makes you feel bad.

The person might not even know that they make you feel bad but once you approach them, they may make changes.

Dream about white snake in sand

Dreaming about a white snake that is in the sand indicates that there is a particular situation or person that is most likely to harm you.

You might have put yourself in dangerous situations like drug abuse or being involved in banned street gangs. When you start abusing drugs you are putting your health at risk. Being involved in banned street gangs might lead to jail.

Also, there is a person in your life that might cause harm to you. It might be someone you met recently and you have given them your trust.

Be very careful about the new people you meet. They are the ones who will mess you up if you are not very careful.

Dream about seeing many white snakes

Seeing lots of white snakes indicates that you are surrounded by people of goodwill. The friends you have, your family and maybe classmates.

They are people who are always there for you and you can trust them with your life. Be very thankful because finding such people is not easy.

Finding someone you can trust with your life is a remarkable thing. Return this favour by caring for others in the same way your family and friends care for you.


There are a number of details you need to consider when seeking an interpretation to dreams about white snakes.

You also have to keep in mind the details around your dream for you to understand its meaning.

On dreams about white snakes, you also have to remember how you felt during the dream. Were you terrified, overwhelmed or confused? With this, an exact interpretation is guaranteed.

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