#14 Seeing Lizard in Dream is Good or Bad – What Does Dreams About Lizards Mean

Seeing Lizard In DreamDreaming about a lizard is quite impressionable and it is one of those dreams that you will not forget. You will definitely want to look it up and find out what it really means.

Think of the Lizard, this animal that uses vibration and perception amazingly well and moves very quick not to mention that it grows another tail when its own tail breaks off.

There are various reasons why you would dream of seeing such an animal in your dream and they are as follows:

Various reasons Why you would dream of Seeing Lizard

  1. Planning New Things 

Often times you could be planning new things in your life. It could be switching careers, moving houses, changing your whole wardrobe or adopting a new lifestyle with new friends.

You could also have discovered new ways of interacting with people and fresh and new ideas keep coming your way.

If you are planning new things and new approaches to matters then do not be surprised if you see a lizard in your ream.

  1. Someone Needs A Connection To You

Dreaming of a lizard could also be a sign that someone wants to connect with you emotionally.

It could be someone that you are completely unaware of and when you finally realize the need to connect with this person, the relationship that develops might actually be one of the best you will have.

  1. Strangeness Afoot

Seeing a lizard in your dream could also be a sign that you might experience a time of bizarreness in your life.

Things that might seem strange to you will happen in your life and you should, therefore, be psychologically prepared. Chances are good things might come out of that strange situation.

  1. Laziness In Your Life

Seeing a lizard in your dream especially if it is still and sunning itself on a rock could be a sign of laziness in your life. You might be too relaxed instead of being more active in certain situations in your life.

This could be your wakeup call to put on your game face and do something about a situation by applying all your energies in it.

  1. Betrayal Is Near

When you have this dream, it could be a sign of someone betraying you. However, you need not panic or get worried.

It would be better if you played your cards close to your chest from now on because you might find yourself not trusting anyone close to you.

Common Lizard Dream Scenarios

There are various lizard dream scenarios and their interpretations and they are as follows:

  1. You Turned Into A Lizard

This dream could be symbolic of your spiritual knowledge which means that a great spiritual journey that will cause a major transformation in your life is ahead. Spiritual things could be hidden from your now but, they will be clear soon.

  1. An Attacking Lizard

When you dream about a lizard attacking this could be a sign of a loss caused by enemies.  It could also mean that your enemies are monitoring every single move you make and planning countermoves.

  1. Killing A Lizard

In your dream, you might not only be seeing a lizard but also be killing it. Killing a lizard in your dream is often a symbol of inner courage and how you interact with others.

You might need to explore different avenues of your life and meet people who will challenge your thoughts. Read more: Dreams about Dogs

You might find yourself overreacting to criticism and feel as if you are being forced into a corner. In such a situation it might be helpful to acquire different perspectives on the situation because from there a solution will come.

  1. Colored Lizards In Your Dream

When you see different colored lizards in your dream, this could represent various meanings.

A blue lizard in your dream means that a calmness will be part of your life shortly,  a red lizard will indicate a great passion for your work while an orange lizard is an indication that you will triumph over all obstacles in your life.

A black lizard could mean that there is a darker side to your life while a green one shows that new things will come up in your life.

However, you might also see a multicolored lizard and this might be a symbol of a new phase of life emerging.

  1. Seeing A Green Iguana

When you see this kind of lizard in your dream, this could be an indication of your current great love life or that a great love life will soon be happening to you. So gear up and prepare to enjoy the most amazing and fulfilling love life.

  1. A Beautiful Lizard

This is definitely a positive sign and an indication that the obstacles and challenges in your life will be overcome. You will soon understand yourself better and know how to deal with coldhearted people.

You will also be in a position to nurture the powers of creativity within you and this will make your current projects flourish in the months that come.

  1. Seeing A Lizard Falling On You

This is a very common dream and often times the lizard falls on your torso or drops on any part of your body. This could be an indication of how you are feeling inside you.

You could be worried or think about changing various areas of your life. Calmness might be required on your part when you face difficult situations.

  1. Seeing too Many Lizards

When you see too many lizards in your dream, it could be an indication that people will be taking advantage of you.  This could also be an indication that a great change might be coming your way. Read more: Dreams About Sharks

Lizard dreams are usually great symbolic dreams. When you experience such a dream, try to remember every detail of the lizard such as color, size, species, behavior and if they were several or it was just one.

Since lizard dreams often have deep meanings, it would be better if you remained calm, refrain from sharing your thoughts and appreciate the people in your life. Get ready for major changes in your life and carefully give thought to situations when they happen in your life.

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