#12 Dream About Family Being Murdered – Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams about murder can never be pleasant because it involves someone losing life. Dreaming about a family member being murdered is even more disturbing because no one ever imagines of that. This is a dream that leaves you frightened in your sleep but grateful when you wake up only to find out that it was a dream. There are various interpretations to this dream as below.

Meaning of dreams about family members being murdered

Dreams about either of your family member being murdered have different meanings. Below are some of the meanings.

You are harbouring anger and conflict

A lot of things happen. They leave you with scars that seem so hard to get healed. This leaves you living in anger and resentment. No matter how hard you try to let go, it never goes away. At this point, you feel like there is nothing you can do to let all the negative feelings wash away, and the more you find it hard, the more it builds up. One thing you have to learn is to be patient with yourself. You have to know that things do not just happen, there is a reason. Take your time to reflect on how you feel, accept that it gets hard sometimes and all of that is life. When you do this, you will find it easier managing negative emotions, anger being one of them.

You are trying to end an important thing

Murder puts an end to life. Similarly, dreaming about a family member being murdered means that you are trying to put something to a stop. It might be that you are trying to end ties with a family member that got you pissed off, you might be trying to end your career life or you can as well as be trying to end a relationship. Holding on to things that bring out the worst in you is the saddest thing you could ever do to yourself. Do not feel guilty for doing this if at all it is for your own good. Say no to things, people, situations and even family that do not add any value to your life.

You have been exposed to murder content

Dreams are said to be what you have stored in your subconscious mind. What you also see gets stored in your subconscious mind and when you sleep you start dreaming about them. It might be that you have been watching movies full of murder scenes, reading books that are based on murder or even discussing a lot concerning murder with friends. When you do this, you are most likely to dream about murder.

You are embracing transformation

Change is investable. You must undergo transformation in order for you to move forward in this life. When you remain at a stagnant point, you will not have that intense desire to live. Dreaming about your family being murdered indicates that you are changing. It may be in terms of your personality or how you handle life issues generally. This is a good move you are making.

You feel like a failure

You are having this dream because you have harboured feelings of failure. This happens when you feel that there is nothing that you have ever done that turned out successful. It is a bad feeling because we all have expectations about life and no one wants to be failing every time. Try to look at what you think makes you fail every now and then. Changing the way you do things might also help in bringing different results. Try that out.

Common dreams about family members being murdered

Dreams about your family being murdered occur in different scenarios as outlined below;

Dream about your mother being murdered

Dreaming about your mother being murdered can be very distressing and when you wake up, you want to contact her immediately. This dream does not necessarily mean your mother will be murdered. Instead, it means that some part of your relationship with your mother is going to break up. To you, this might feel like murder because you really do not want to cut off the relationship with your mother.

You may be about to move out of your mother’s house to your own place and to you, this might be very scary. Moving to your new place means that you will start doing things on your own, not like before, when everything was being done by your mother. You are going to start depending on yourself. You have to accept this because at some point in life, your parents will stop providing for you. This comes with being an adult.

Dream about murdering your mother

Murdering your own mother is also very distressing. Even after waking up to realize it was only a dream, it leaves you with a lot of things on mind. You do not have to curse yourself for this. This dream means that you feel guilty for being bad to someone who has been good to you. Maybe you have mistreated a friend who has always had your back, or you may have gone behind their back to say some bad things about them. When you realize that what you have done is bad, you in turn feel guilty about it. It might even be your own parents whom you have turned your back against. Learn to hold others with dignity, treat others the way they treat you, always.

Dream about a stranger murdering your mother

In your dream, you may see someone that you do not know murdering your own mother. You may feel helpless in this dream. After waking up, you will want to protect your mother at all costs because this dream sounded so real to you. But it does not necessarily mean that someone is going to get your mother murdered. It rather means that some hidden aspects of your personality are coming to light and this is making you feel out of place because you feel different.

It might even make you more aggressive because you do not understand what is happening to you. It is normal to pass through changes. Always keep in mind that each passing day you learn something that might change you. Be open to change.

Dream about your father being murdered

Dreaming about your father being murdered means that you are dealing with the insecurities of being responsible for your own actions and growing up. You are used to your father making major decisions and choices for you but now you realize that things are going to change and that you will need to start being on your own. You are afraid of stepping out of your childhood to maturity. You are just afraid of getting away from your comfort zone. In as much change might be scary at times, you need it to grow.

Dream about your sister being murdered

You are likely to have this dream after having an argument with your sister. You feel angered by what she might have told you. You feel like she was not supposed to say those words to you. Because of that, you do not see the importance of the relationship between you and your sister and you therefore want to end it. This might even get worse if she embarrassed in you in public. One thing you have to know is that as siblings, you will always have quarrels, which is normal for any healthy relationship. Do not hold grudges for this, instead solve them amicably because she will always be your sister no matter what happens.

Dream about your brother being murdered

Your brother being murdered in a dream means that you are letting go off some part of you that you consider not to be serving you well. You have realized that for your own good, you need to stop doing something you are used to. This is the best thing you could do to yourself because you need it for you to grow.

Dream about your aunt being murdered

Dreaming about your own aunt being murdered indicates that some ties in your family are going to be broken. Your family is going to undergo some kind of separation. For a family to be strong, it needs these ties, so when you have this dream, then it means that the relationship between your family has become weak. There are a lot of things that might make family ties break. Look out for the causes and if they can be corrected, then correct them so as to keep your family intact.

Dreams about family members being murdered may be very disturbing and uncomfortable for the dreamer. You have to keep in mind the details that appear to you in the dream for they do play an important role when it comes to interpretation. You also have to remember which family member got murdered.

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