11 Dreams About Dead Snakes – Meaning & Interpretation

Snakes… one of the most poisonous reptiles on this plant is often associated with fear and paranoia that they arouse in other living beings. They are seen as deadly, dangerous and threatening. To see a snake in a dream induces the same feeling whether the snake is dead or alive.

The interpretations associated with seeing dead snakes, in a dream, as compared to seeing a living snake are drastically different and opposite.

Where one is associated with an external threat, fear of an enemy or personal failure to avoid any evil temptation, seeing dead snakes in dreams means new beginnings and fresh starts.

Some psychological and symbolic associations are attached to seeing dead snakes in the dreams. It also has spiritual as well as religious connotations attached with it. Depending upon the context, in which you see a dead snake, varies the interpretation of the dream accordingly.

What Do Dead Snakes Represents In A Dream?

For most of the part, to see a dead snake in a dream is associated with rebirth. Just like the ability of this reptile to shed its skin and form a new one, seeing dead snakes in dreams is also associated with regeneration. It indicates a new beginning.

Symbol Of Rebirth

Snakes are often seen as life energy, the primal symbol of the beginning of life itself if we take into consideration the story of Genesis.

To see a dead snake in a dream is associated with the same primal energy that leads towards reincarnation and rebirth of an individual. It is interpreted as a symbol of evolving as a person, letting go of past mistakes and starting a new life.

Symbol Of Personal Growth

To see a dead snake in a dream is symbolic of shedding your protective cover around you. It suggests unleashing your passions and desires within you.

It is an indicator that the time has come to a stop worrying about the consequences and start living your dreams and proceed towards the goals which you want to achieve in this life.

Symbolic Of Hidden Abilities

Seeing a dead snake in a dream also refers to the hidden abilities of a person that he or she hasn’t recognized yet. We are too afraid to deviate from our mainstream lives or try to explore our capabilities because of social fear.

Seeing dead snakes in a dream signifies that you need to let go of your monotonous routine and start exploring yourself to discover the natural talents that will make you shine brightest among your peers.

Symbol Of Moving On

Associated with the ability of a snake to shed its skin, the dreams about dead snakes are also interpreted as ones ability to shed or let go of a part of him/her. It also includes the depressive or negative feelings that he or she is holding inside of themselves.

It suggests that your life has become stagnant because of your inability to let go of the baggage of the past. Only by shedding off the trapping feeling, you will indeed be able to move forward in life.

Symbolic Of End Of Suffering

Dead snakes in a dream can also refer to the end of suffering and pain that an individual is facing in his or her life.

Where living snakes reflect threat, fear, and danger, seeing dead snakes in dreams means that you will be able to conquer the pain and suffering that you are feeling in your real life.

It also marks an end to any negative feelings including temptation, deceit or treachery, comes to an end.

Rejection Of Yourself

It often happens that we refuse to acknowledge a part of ourselves, be it an ability or any emotion. This unacknowledged part can lie both on the darker or, the lighter side of life.

It can be an absence of a particular passion, let’s say to feel happiness or to be sad, or an inability to handle, e.g., lack of empathy.

This unacknowledged or unnurtured part appears in our dreams as dead snakes suggesting that it’s time to reflect upon yourself.

Common Situation In Which You Dream Of Dead Snakes

Dreaming Of A Dead Snake Floating On A Lake

To see a dead snaking floating on a lake in your dream has positive connotations attached to it. It suggests that you will get advice from some people who are close to.

You must pay attention to what they tell you to successfully tackle the problem that is bothering you in real life.

Dreaming Of A Dead Snake Floating In A Bath Tub

Dreaming of a dead snake floating in a bathtub is a negative omen suggesting that you feel threatened in your real life.

This threat can be from some close friends or your competition in your office is looking for ways to jeopardize your career. You need to be careful of your surroundings.

Dreaming Of A Dead Snake Biting You

To see a dead snake coming alive and biting you is a negative omen. It suggests that you will be betrayed by a person whom you trust the most.

The experience will be disturbing and hurtful since you will be deceived in ways you never imagined. Because it will be coming from someone close to you, the pain you feel with be intensified.

Dreaming Of A Dead Snake That You Killed

To kill a snake yourself actively in a dream indicates that you will be able to change your destiny with your hard work, efforts, and determination.

It suggests that you are not a person who passively accepts fate instead give your best to change the course of your life.

It also indicates that you are experiencing a particular situation in your life, and it’s about time that you deal with it.

Dreaming Of A Dead Snake Cut In Half

To dream of a dead snake cut in half suggests that you need to mold yourself according, in social situations. You can’t be too kind to the people all the time who try to take advantage of your overly nice nature.

Similarly, you can’t be too harsh when the situation demands you to calm down and analyze the things accordingly. You need to be considerate, but in the same way of things around, so people don’t take advantage of you.

Dreaming Of A Dead Baby Snake That You Killed

Small snakes in your dream often represent your inner child. To kill a baby snake in your dream means that you have let go of your innocent part.

It indicates that you have become more affiliated with this world and are in a race with others to gain success by any means necessary.

Dreaming Of A Black Dead Snake

To dream of a black snake that is dead has positive connotations attached to it. It refers to the end of any problematic period in your life suggesting that you will overcome it soon. Soon Joy will come your way, and you will enter a happy phase of your life.

Dreaming Of A Dead Snake Which Is Green In Color

To dream of a green snake which is green in color suggests that any threats from your friends or coworkers that have been bothering you for a time will disappear.

All the people who have been pretending to be your friend will be revealed, and the false gossips about you going around, which are compromising your position will also die out.

Dreaming Of A Dead Snake Which Is White In Color

To see a dead snake which is white in color suggests that you need to take a spiritual route in your life. Your soul is deprived of any spiritual essence with you being more indulged in worldly life.

You are in need to reflect upon the choices that you have made and start revising some of the decisions that might compromise your moral status.

Dreaming Of A Dead Snake In Bed

Dreaming of a dead snake lying on your bed is a negative omen indicating a direct threat to your physical being.

Since bed is symbolic of your personal and safe space, seeing a dead snake lying there is an indicator that you are given a chance to analyze any threat that might be hanging around you.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to move away from the danger or choose a safer option or not. You need to be thoughtful while making your choice.

Dreaming Of A Dead Snake In Water

To dream of a dead snake in water indicates that many opportunities are lying in front of you, which you are unable to analyze. You need to be more open to the surroundings around you to examine the opportunities given.


To conclude, dreams about dead snakes often have positive connotation attached to it. It reflects new chances, new opportunities, and new beginnings, to be given an opportunity to change your life for the better.

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