#24 Colorful Snake Dream Meaning & Interpretation

They are creepy, crawling and beautiful creatures and when they are colorful, it gets even better. A colorful snake dream is quite interesting. Just like with all other kinds of snake dreams, it can either be positive or negative.

The interpretation of the dream will always depend on what the snake was doing, the feelings and attitude you experienced during the dream and of course the colors of the snake(s) in the dream.

The interpretation could also be determined by how you generally feel about snakes and colorful ones especially.

The truth is that a snake is a very powerful dream symbol and many cultures around the world have different interpretations of snake dreams. So, why would you dream of colorful snakes? It is one dream that you should never ignore.

Why you have colorful snake dreams

There are various reasons why you have colorful snake dreams and they are as follows:

Growth or renewal in life

Snake dreams are often times a sign of great change in your life or renewal of something.

You might be going through a new situation that makes you feel uncomfortable and worried. This could be your subconscious way of point out your struggle and help you cope.

The need to face your fears

Fear could also be the reason why you are experiencing colorful snake dreams. There might be people or situations making you feel afraid.

The dream could be showing you that you should face your fears because they might not be as horrifying as you think.

Emotional rollercoaster

The colorful snake dreams could also be happening because you are experiencing an emotional rollercoaster. Your emotions might be out of whack because of various things or situations in your waking life.

You might be undergoing a mixture of emotions such as sadness, stress, excitement, love, rage and so on.

Various factors could be causing the emotional turmoil which could be the reason why you are experiencing recurring colorful snake dreams or many colorful snake images in your dream at a go. Consider worrying less and not letting strong emotions get the best of you.

Suppressed Passions

The dream could be happening because you are keeping a lid on your passions which are threatening to overflow. You wish to let your passions run wild but are afraid of not being in control.

Your desires desperately need an outlet and you are trying your best to keep them suppressed. Rather than remain depressed because of suppressed passions, consider looking for outlets where you can let your passions prevail.

You Seek Knowledge And Wisdom

It could also be that you are seeking answers to something that has been bagging you for a long time. You have therefore been diligently seeking answers and wisdom about the matter to no avail.

The best thing would be to consider the advice of someone who has been there and done the things that are currently a mystery to you.

You could also seek knowledge and wisdom about the subject bugging you from someone close to you who is wise.

Common Colorful Snake Dreams And Their Meanings.

There are various colorful snake dream meanings and interpretations. They are as follows:

Dream About Being Bitten By A Colorful Snake

When you experience such a dream, you should not worry even though the dream might be terrifying. The dream could mean that you are going to live a very posh life spoon.

The things that will trigger it will come from quite unusual places.  This is why you are encouraged not to take anyone or anything for granted lest they become the ones to bring a lot of joy in your life.

Dream About A Rainbow Colored Snake

When you experience such a dream, it is usually an indication that you have lost touch with nature.  According to certain cultures, seeing this snake in your dream could be an indication of the healing abilities that you might have.

You could be unaware of them and the dream could be a way for the knowledge about these abilities to manifest in you.

Dream About Green Snake

When you have this dream it is usually a representation of the great emotional storm that you might be experiencing.

Not dealing with the emotional situation is unhealthy and the sooner you do the fewer consequences you are going to face.

The time might be ripe for you to face reality and deal with it.

Dream About Red Snake

Having this dream is an indication that there is a hidden danger lurking somewhere in wait.  But it also means that after going through a difficult time courtesy of this danger, life will be better as a result.

It might be your version of going through the fire and becoming a better person with all the great things going on for you.

So if you happen to be facing difficulties currently, know that you will experience great success after the difficult times.

Dream about yellow snake

When a yellow snake shows up in your dream, this could be an indication of your intellect and the great rate in which you have used it to solve the most tricky of situations in your life. You might also be developing great intuition and awareness in your life.

On the other hand, it could be that you are not using your intelligence the right way or as much as you should in order to solve some problems that you are facing.

Dream about dark brown snake

This dream could be an indication of your great fear of losing someone you love or fear of failing at something.  Fear doesn’t help in most cases because it causes worry and anxiety.

The best thing would to enjoy the present and avoid dwelling too much on things that might or might not happen in the future. Live the moment and enjoy all the great things that life has to offer including your loved ones.


Dreams about colorful snakes are not scary for some people while they freak out others. Depending on how you view snakes,  it is important to always examine your waking life.

Look for aspects that require working on and work on them to become a better person. Above all remember your dream down to the color of the snake and your surroundings. When you remember most things in your dream, you make interpretation easier.

Next time don’t panic too much when the colorful snake dream comes, instead, be observant and then do something about it because such dreams never come just because it is natural for humans to dream.

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