14 Dreams About Green Snakes: Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams About Green SnakesWhen you see a green snake in your dream, this could be an indication of some kind of recently established connection with yourself.

The dream could be related to nature, earth, the truth about you, emotions, hope and other connections.  Green color, on the other hand, is a symbol of hope, good feelings, good luck, joy, prosperity and good health.

14 Common Green Snake Dream Scenarios

There are common green snake dream scenarios and their meanings. They are as follows:

  1. Dream Of Green Cobra

This dream could be an indication of your distrust of people close to you despite their seemingly good outward appearances and actions.

It could be that these people are hiding something that could cause you pain. You could be knowing this because of the little but discreet tale-tell signs that they might unknowingly be showing to you.

  1. Dream About Killing A Green Snake

This dream about Killing a green snake could be a symbol of the good luck awaiting you in anything that you are going to be doing.

You could recover soon if you are feeling ill and your surrounding environment will definitely change for the better.

  1. Dream Of A Green Snake In The Bathroom

When you see a green snake in your bathroom in your dream this could be an indication of your sharpening intuition.

Your spiritual ability will also be enhanced and creativity that knows no bounds will be your portion and a new beginning could be afoot.

  1. A light Green Snake Dream

When the green snake in your dream is a noticeably light green, then it is a clear indication that a major positive change will take place in your life.

Various opportunities might be coming your way and it is up to you to make use of them for the good of your life.

  1. Dream About Green Snake Chasing You

When you dream about a green snake chasing you then it could be that you are afraid of something in your waking life and unwilling to face it.

This thing might not be as bad as you think and facing it might open up new good opportunities for you.

  1. Green Snake Swallowing someone In Your Dream

When you see a green snake swallowing someone in your dream, this could be an indication that you are in a powerful position in your real life. There is nothing to be scared of and in this case, use your power to accomplish great things.

  1. Dream about Green Snake Attacking You

When you have this dream, it could be an indication that you are going to gain the respect of powerful people. You will probably do great things in your superior wisdom, strong vitality and will luck on your side.

Your actions will capture the interest of these powerful people and therefore earn their respect.

  1. Dream About Green Snake Biting You

This is one dream that will make you afraid when you wake up. This is why you will need to be more cautious in your life and form better relationships with the people around you. Use your wisdom in handling matters.

The dream could also be a symbol of your hidden fears and worries that are unsettling you. Even if something happens that will cause you to worry, be assured that it will end well.

  1. Dream Of Green Snake Wrapped Around Your Body.

When you experience this dream, it could mean that you might have an unexpected problem.  This problem could be money-related. It could be that you are not a wise spender and you reckless spending might unexpectedly come to bite you.

Start making plans about how you are going to spend your money wisely and avoid any spendthrift tendencies. You might have to note more details about this dream for accurate interpretation.

Note what part of the body the snake has wrapped around it could be meaningful in terms of interpretation.

  1. Dream Of Talking To A Green Snake

This dream could be an indication that you will eventually get along with a certain enemy. You might get to know them better an even appreciate their character and their story. The enemy might even become a friend someday.

  1. Dream Of Dying After Green Snake Bites

This dream is an indication of some great change that will occur in your life. You will eventually rebuild your life from scratch.

A new beginning might finally be here where you will be in a new place with new people and even a new mindset.

  1. You Have Green Snake  Pet In Your Dream

This dream could be an indication that you wish to live at the edge and dangerously. You have been living a difficult life and now you want to take that risk.

It could be a big chance to make it and finally be happy. Go with your instinct if this is the case and go for that chance.

  1. Dream Of Green Snake In Water.

This dream could be a symbol of emotional healing. It means that your emotions which have been in turmoil for some reason are finally at peace and you are relaxed.

  1. Dream of Many Green Snakes Coiled Around You

You could also dream about many green snakes coiled around your body and in this case, this might be a symbol of temptation. If you are married, it could be a temptation of infidelity.

If you are not then it could be a temptation of something that you desperately want to do. Just be careful, because succumbing to temptation might lead to great problems for you later in life.

Reasons Why You Have This Dream

There are more reasons why you dream of a green snake and they are as follows:

  1. Good Luck In Your Life.

A green snake in your dream could mean good luck with matters involving love and creativity. Things might finally begin working and you might meet that special person to share life with.

If you are in the creative industry, then your original ideas will be in full flow and you will awe everyone with your creations.

  1. Recovery In Progress

If you are sick, this could be the time for you to gradually recover. Your poor physical and health condition could be slowly changing for the better. So look forward to a great life and the great things that you will achieve in the future.

  1. A Sharper Intuition and Spiritual Ability

The green snake could also be a sign of your sharper intuition or increase in spiritual ability. You must be or are on the way to making great spiritual progress. Make use of your intuition and trust your instincts more.

  1. A Good Change Of Environment

The dream could also be a sign that the environment around you is going to change in a good direction.  Everything you touch will be successful and you might change homes, jobs and even friends from the current ones to better ones.

  1. Luck In Money

You might be about to or are currently making good money. Your investments might finally be working and you are going to reap great returns. If this is the case continue investing more because this is your season for high returns.

  1. Time To Close The Door On Unpleasant Things

The dream could also be an indication of your need to close the chapter on the unpleasant things that might have happened to you in the future. Do not dwell on the past but instead focus on the good hope which is looming in the promising future.

  1. Someone Or A Situation Threatening Harm

If the green snake in your dream is in the grass on sand then it could be that someone is plotting your harm with you unaware or that a certain situation might turn out bad and you have no clue. A little more caution would be great especially at this time when everything is going well.

  1. Desire For Growth & Lacking Experience

In some contexts, the green color in the snake could be an indication of your lack of experience either professionally or personally. It could be an indication of the desire in your to grow as a person or as a professional.

Things To Note

In your green snake dream, you have to note all the details in the dream for accurate interpretation. Note the shade of green color, the circumstances surrounding the green snake encounter in your dream.

Also, note how you are feeling and the state of the snake. Is it calm? Are you fearful or fascinated?  All that will contribute to the interpretation of your green snake dream.


The symbolism of snakes, in general, can be either positive or negative. However, for green snake dreams, most of the interpretation is positive with a few cases of negative.

Most people are afraid of snakes, even green snakes. Therefore, the reaction to them even in the dreams might be fearful.

In most cases, however, dreaming of green snakes shouldn’t be a cause for alarm unless the vents in your waking life and the dream scenario indicates so.

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